Question for admin.


I know you’re always working very hard behind the scenes and see you’ve made a few changes to the forum. recently.

One problem is that I could only see 4 lines of the message I was typing. Fine if it’s a short message but would be easier if I could see the whole message I type like it used to be. Don’t know if anyone else has noticed/ mentioned it. Can you change it please?

Thanks Jen

OOps, I’ve just see the arrow, bottom right, to expand the box. It used to do it automatically.

Just thinking of other people now and if they will work it out. Thanks

Hi Jen, Thank you for your feedback - message, as in private message? If so, whether the box expands automatically or not is dependent on the device the person is using. I will raise this with the Web Team and see if we can have this so it always auto expands. Thanks Oliver

Thanks Oliver,

No, just posting a reply to a forum question from my laptop. The text scrolls up when I hit return. So can only see four lines.

Thanks Jen

That’s been bugging me too. The little arrow thing isn’t helping. So it’s fine for short messages, but not so good for longer posts.


The little arrow at the bottom right of the reply box works really well…just click on it & drag to enlarge to whatever size is needed



Thanks for that, I can’t make it work on my iPad though. Are you using a tablet or a PC?


I’m using a PC Sue, not sure what to do with an iPad Rosina

That’s what I suspected - the arrow in the corner will enlarge the text box - but not on an iThing.