Question about future purchase of a house...

Hi, Thought I’d come here for some advise if anyone may know… My partner is expected to receive some inheritance money and we would like to get a mortgage on a house, at the moment we only rent. I’m undiagnosed at present but have been advised of a second attack occurs it will be diagnosed as ms. If I haven’t been diagnosed by the time of applying for a mortgage comes around, where do I stand with things. I don’t really know much about mortgages at the moment but if we did it jointly in both our names do I say anything to them about my potential health? Thank you for any replies.

I was aready diagnosed when I applied for my mortgage but as I was not on medication and in full time employment plus I haven’t had a sick day in 13 years (including the relapse that was diagnosed) so I was ok.

You have not been diagnosed so as far as I would be concerned you don’t have it. I would check through - speak to your GP or speak to a solicitor.

Good luck with the house hunting - it can be very tiring, and try not to let the surveys scare the bejesus out of you.

JellyBellyKelly x

Hi. As Val has said, lenders look at your ability to meet the monthly payments on a loan. They will also take into account the deposit you will put down; simply speaking, the bigger the deposit, the less risky it is for them to lend you the money. You can have a loan agreed in principle at a bank or building society, which is where you give basic details of income, amount of deposit & loan required, and they can give you an agreed loan, subject to further checks (employment/credit etc) Separately, you would normally be expected to take life cover for the amount of the loan, although some lenders don’t insist on this. You can take the lender’s life cover or arrange it elsewhere. The questions would normally ask if you’ve been tested for certain illnesses and you’d have the opportunity to explain that you’ve not been diagnosed. They request medical information from your doctor so it’s always best to be truthful. Hope that helps. Good luck Jane xx