Mortgages and MS

I have MS but am still working and only have sensory Symptoms at the moment. Does anyone know if I want to move to a bigger house and remortgage on the same deal, will they ask me about my health and possibly refuse me a mortgage? Hope not :confused:

Last year I was thinking about getting another house…ms didn’t affect mortgage

Thanks!!! : )

They will just ask you about whether you have insurance to cover should you become ill, it’s up to you to have the cover or not they can’t ask about illness just recommend insurance.

Loving these answers : ) thanks

Medical issues have nothing to do with getting a mortgage and they won’t ask you about it. Insurances are a completely different matter of course but the mortgage itself is just a loan against a property. It’s why the amount you can borrow is based on your income

Basically the only thing a lender is interested in is getting their money back so if the payments aren’t met, they get the house back.

I never had a problem either and recently re-mortgaged for a better deal. xx

Getting the mortgage will not be an issue, but if you don’t have it already, it’s most unlikely you will be able to get insurance against having to quit work due to ill health, when you already have a degenerative condition.

Do you have a contingency plan for how you would pay the bigger mortgage, if your condition did deteriorate in the coming years, to the point of having to reduce or quit work? I think this is a much bigger consideration than just getting the mortgage. You don’t want quitting work to mean you’d lose your home as well.


I have calculated over paying my new mortgage by 1k a month for exactly that reason, as well as interest rates rising. I figure if I get worse then I’d probably need to downsize again anyway.