MS and Life Insurance

Does anyone have any idea the situation with regards to life insurance and MS.

I have just had a new mortgage agreed and they are going to be calling me to discuss life insurance.

Will I be refused outright or will I have trouble getting cover.

Will the disclosure of MS affect my mortgage offer?

Sorry lots of questions!!!

Ms will affect your life insurance – without a doubt. I have life insurance and it wasn’t difficult to get – it just costs more. MS should not affect your mortgage in any way.


It won’t affect your mortgage offer - the application to the lender is completely separate - but it’s likely your life cover will be very heavily loaded. You must declare it though and anything else that you can think of - they are very hot on non-disclosure.

Thanks for the replies.

Will talk it through with them and see what its going to cost.

As long as it doesn’t affec my mortgage offer. That was the big worry

I couldnt get insurance until i was diagnosed and as soon as they knew what the problem was they insured me. It didnt effect my mortgage at all. I have mine with pru and you a free cinema ticket every week and discounts to spas and stuff so I dont mind paying the extra money for having ms x