First time house?

Hi all,

My names Martin and myself and my fianceè(she has MS) are looking at how we would go about buying a house at present. If we are honest we don’t have a clue at the mo, and are looking for advice about where to begin. We live in the Scottish Highlands and (for obvious reasons) would love a bungalow! But we were wondering if there’s any assistance out there, maybe not just for first time buyers but also for couples living with MS. Luckily at present my fianceè is RRMS and is in a good state - although I’m assuming the fact she is not eligible for government benefits may hinder any help?

Any advice would be appreciated, even just about the whole home buying process! We are only planning this at present as we are getting the wedding done first, then focusing on getting our marital home.


Go and see your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau, they will be able to advise you - also, has your fiancee applied for DLA, it's not means tested, and can open a few more doors.

Congratulations, and good luck

Luisa x

Hi, congrats on the wedding and hope it all goes well.

well, I don`t think buying a house brings any help from the authorities.

But if you were on a waiting list for a rental property with the local authority, points could be added for health issues. But as your fiance doesn`t have many immediate problems with stairs etc, you may draw a blank there.

I know the house buying rules are different in Scotland and England.

Your fiance may or may not get worse where your accommodation type is concerned. But perhaps it would be prudent to look at bungalowa or houses with room for a stairlaift and other equipment.

You`re like me..........looking at what MIGHT happen, rather waiting until it does.

House buying/moving is an issue where forward thinking would be a good idea.

Good luck.

luv Pollx