pushed from pillar to post

It’s getting a bit ridiculous. GP referred to Neuro. Neuro referred for MRI. MRI normal. Neuro referred back to GP. GP referred back to CFS/M.E team (previous diagnosis) & rheumatology… just in case. I wrote to neuro asking what more could he do for me. He wrote back saying he could see me again if i wanted but to discuss new referral with GP. Saw CFS/M.E team. They don’t think my current problems are caused by CFS and to push the neuro for more investigations and to make a formal complaint if not (their exact words!!). Also waiting to see Opthamologist next week (referred from optician to orthoptist to opthamology!!!) When will it all end?! When to stop looking for answers?!

I wish I could say I knew buttat least I can totally empathise with you. Axx

Thanks Arwen. It is just so ridiculous and frustrating! Was wondering how you are doing but just saw your other post so will reply on there xx

It’s so frustrating isn’t it. Might go and have a cleaning scream somewhere Ax