Push or power?

“I’m still standing” as Elton wabbles, however I wobble and would topple over if not for my rolator. Great for when I’m by my lonesome and not in a hurry, but in company it’s a real drag as I’m so slow. I have a rolator that is also a chariot for when someone is with me, it allows me independence when looking at things like market stalls and bumping round shops. When I’m tied it’s a big help to be able to rest up. Going from A to B sat in it I’m whizzed off at the speed of my pusher. However, useful as it is, it’s not comfy for any length of time, not a lot of surport, so I need to buy something a bit more robust. What though?

My concern is that with a chair or a scooter, once in it I’ll be stuck in it, more so with a scooter perhaps, with a chair I could push it, but it might be cumbersome to get round shops. I’m thinking of either having a rolator strapped to it for free ranging (can’t manage sticks), unrealistic? and I wouldn’t want my husband to be stuck left with what ever. A scooter would be great as I’d be in control but I wouldn’t be able to push it.

I suspect I’ll be tied to a chair or scooter soon enough so while I can wobble about I crave freedom.

I think I know the answer…lump the rolator/chair, but I’d be delighted if any one has found a solution that they could share.


Do you have a shopmobility scheme near where you live? That is a good way to try various options. Firstly a manual. Ask yourself - can I self propel? If you have upper body strength fine, if not you are reliant on someone with you EVERY time. Are family/husband/kids/carer going to there every time you want to pop to corner shop? I got a manual in 2014, realised very soon I had not got strength and was reliant on others. And flat shopping centres are one thing, the mean streets are a different can of worms!! Very tricky for a pusher who is not stromg. When I got power - I could go further and faster than I had in 10 years!! The first time my son said “Slow down Mom”, I laffed like a drain - no one had said THAT in 30 years!! There are a lot of considerations in getting a chair or scooter, but OMG - to go out alone and get places, to travel (with planning, not to have aching ankles or knees - to be able to go for a few hours and visit somewhere I could not even dream of. Hell yeah it makes a difference.

Hiya Loulla, what about combining all, a power chair, it can be used in house (like mine) and can be used outside (as I have in the past), it took me to many scary places not accessible for me, it turns on a sixpence-sorry, you’re too young to know what that is-it turns on a 5 pence piece, complete independence when required, or necessary, they vary in price so best try to see what suits you, Brian


You could perhaps be referred by your GP, neurologist or physiotherapist to wheelchair services for their help. They can provide you with a manual wheelchair, which sounds like it might be helpful in the short term for going out in company. Wheeling yourself in a manual ‘chair is easy enough in the house (so long as you have the space and don’t mind scraping the doorways), but out of doors it’s hard.

Try for a referral, that way you’ll get an experts opinion on your needs, plus you won’t have to pay for a chair.


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Thank you all for your time, I’ll take these suggestion into consideration when I can’t walk anymore. I can still walk and don’t want to restrict myself to being sat all the time when out, that being my dilemma. At the moment I can see that a scooter isn’t going to help, what I’m looking for is a rolator that is more supportive than the one I have now. Having said that I must recommend the one I have now, a DRIVE, it’s served me well on a couple of Greek holidays and general out n abouts. I can be pushed to a restaurant for example, and be able to trundle off to the loo without company. The foot rests are easily detachable and can be store in the bag under the seat. It’s a great thing but not for more than about half an hour. I’m seeing my neurologist next week, but as she wasn’t aware of my DRIVE chair when she first saw it I doubt she’ll have any better ideas but I will ask her. Brian…a six pence…cause I know what one is, had them in my pocket when studying the penny tray as a kiddy and have sucked many a one clean when I found them in the Christmas pud!

Sad to say, I’m quite looking forward to being powered and leaving t’others in a cloud of dust! Thanks all.

I’m not sitting all the time when out, I still walk a little. I’ll walk to a table in a cafe, walk to the loo there. but walking the mile to get to said venue? Impossible w.o. chair. Admire your gumption, but admitting you need help sometimes is not a sign of weakness. I can’t stand in a queue w.o. pain, nor carry a tray to table w.o. dropping the damn thing.

Got to admit, the clincher for me was seeing a guy on the dancefloor, in a manual Karma wheelchair, doing wheelies. Gotta get me one of them, I said. And I did!!

Enjoy life however you decide to get there!