psychogenic itch

We’ve all had an itch that we’ve needed to scratch, but many people don’t realise that itchy skin can be a symptom of a number of health conditions, some of which are very serious, like psychogenic itch.

I think my husbands Cognitive issues are causing this erratic scratching. I can remove his hand and he is like he is possessed and has to do it.

The scratching of course is causing all kinds of problems and blood everywhere. I have discussed this with the GP and blood tests are being taken next week to rule out anything else.

I am frightened that he will get infected and get blood poisoning… It is very distressing for me seeing this as well as him doing it.

Has anyone else suffered with this?


I get an itch in my lower calves, often when I am stressed. I used to scratch until I broke the skin but now control it with E45 itch cream. My MS Nurse reckons it’s a symptom of MS - damaged nerve endings etc

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Hi Caz, More information might be helpful. Is there any visible sign of dermatitis? What areas are affected? Regards, Anthony

It can be many things. Overload of potassium in the blood makes the muscles twitch and itch, overload of phosphate ditto, depends whether is the muscles itching or the skin. A blood test will rule out certain things.

Dry brittle skin can mean it needs a moisture rich cream. Its not only we ladeez who need the body pmapering.

Hi Anthony The main areas he scratches are his head and had lots of meds creams etc and a moisture lesion on his bottom which heals well then scratches it open again.

Hopefully the bloods will come back ok as they were taken today.

Hi Caz,

Does your husband take anything for neuropathic pain?

As psychogenic itch is caused by the same mechanism as neuropathic pain, the medication for pain may help with the itch.



Hi Anthony He takes carbamazapin for neuralgia pain of his face and jaw.