I am suffering all the time from itchy arms. there is not much to see, but the itch is unbearable. Doctor sent me to dermatolgist, who presrcibed 3 types of cream in bulk, but this is not helping. My arms can bleed for no reason, even when I haven’t been scratching, it does sound like an allergic reaction, but to what. I use non- biological soap powder, only water in my bath nothing else. I think it is my nerve endings that have flared up, but I am not sure. I just want to find out if anyone knows what I am talking about, and hopefully get some advice

Hi I get itching on both my arms and legs but there is a burning hot pain with it too not everywhere just certain areas, I itch it and it turns into a black bruise theres been times when the insides of my legs have bruised that badly that I look like I’ve been sexually assaulted. when I spoke to my gp she suggested it was the nerves causing the problem. I dont know what to advise as I was told theres nothing that can be done to stop it, I do take pregabalin but even that dosen’t stop it Sorry I couldnt be more useful Sue x

About 2 months ago, not long after i was diagnosed, one of my forearms had an unbearable itch, not matter how much I scratched at it I could not stop the itch, but there was nothing on my arm too see what was causing this itch, no rash, spots nothing…

It was a bit like prickly heat, but more intense, I would draw blood just by consantly scratching and trying to stop the itch.

During this time I had a home visit from my MS specialist nurse, I was wearing a tshirt at the time and he noticed the red marks on my arm where I had been scratching, it looked awful, I explained about the type of itch it was and that there was no rash to explain it, the nurse said he knew of a few cases where people with MS had a feeling of intense itching but under the skin, which was very similar to what I was experiencing, I was a bit shocked at this because I didnt link up this itching with MS.

Anyway the nurse said as It could be a “nerve thing”, a cream may not be the way to control it, so he was writing to my GP to suggest an oral pill, something to calm the nerves.

I’m due to see my GP and will find out what has been suggested.

Oddly though, the itching has decreased dramatically on it’s own over the last month, so of it stays as it is I will leave any pills alone for the time being.

Many thanks for your replies, that in itself makes me feel better, as you do understand the problem, I will just keep trying to manage the situation, and thanks again

Hi I have this too . I find it will stay for weeks and then subside when it returns it has come back in a different place. When it is at its worst it looks like I’ve got an iron and held it to the skin or like mega sunburn. I have found putting flannels in the freezer then when i need them get them out and place them on my arms or where ever it currently appears. ( I have had it on my neck , then later chest and then arms, currently without it)Or if it starts try and take off jumper/ cardy to cool down before it gets a hold. I too feel better knowing I’m not alone evelynb Jo

I have now got to the bottom of my itchy arms problem, it has now been said by my doctor that Candesartin (blood pressure tablets) can cause itchy arms, I do not understand why this has never been mentioned before. I came off the medication and the itchy arms dissapeared, I was put on another drug but it did not control my blood pressure but no itchy arms

, I was told that if I went on another tablet I would have to get my blood taken every month which I don’t want and also be put on a water tablet which would be a problem as I have bladder weakness already. I saw another doctor and she put me back on Candesartin which is what I wanted, but the itchy arms are back with a vengence, any suggestions would be very welcome as I will have to go back to the doctor to be prescribed another blood pressure tablet, which hopefully does not involve what I have already stated, thankyou