Hello all, Well, this is an embarrassing one. I’ve been reading through some of these posts today, especially the one on how to explain symptoms. I found one that prompts this question. I seem to have developed a constant itch in one of the more private areas on my body and I am a man. Sorry girls, but do any other you other guys suffer with this. It’s so bad sometimes, it actually draws blood. I thought is was just dry skin or something but the earlier post got me thinking I might not be Alone. Thanks for any insight. Greg

Hi Greg I get a burning itching feeling but usually on either my arms or the inside of my legs, like you I’ve drawn blood from scratching so hard and then they turn to bruises - not attractive :frowning: Sue x

Hi Greg. It wasnt until i read the thing i posted about symptoms that i realised things were my ms. I get itching on the backs of both knees and on my legs and have also drawn blood. Iv tried using anti itching creams and it does ease for a short while but obviously you have to be a bit careful of what you use on your sensitive areas xx