Psychic surgery??

Anyone, talking to a guy last night, and he had ME, I know not the same at all, but with an open mind, and if it didn’t cost the earth, just wondered if anyone had been there??

If you are talking about Stephen Turoff - my mother took me there in 2001. It was a bit weird. I have no meniscal cartilage in my right knee and that felt a lot better afterwards, but who knows if it’s placebo or not?

You don’t pay for yourself, but for someone else, like my mother and I paid for each other. I think it was about £20.00.

It is a bit weird though…


I’ve heard of that. I believe it’s called Pseudoscience or AKA a load of rubbish

Pseudoscience or rubbish or whatever. I have spent more than twenty pounds in the past on drugs that have had little or no effect apart from making me feel like rubbish. If twenty pounds is all that is asked and a placebo effect is all that is given, then live and let live.

Yes. Steven turoff, the guy I was talking to really believes he helped him, it’s £30 now, but if it got me so I could work again I changed £50 call out, if the job took ten mins, might ring him, thanks.

Conmen are getting rich on people who think: “It’s only £20”. Why should anyone profit from this bogus hocus pocus? Or are people with serious illnesses all so stinking rich they don’t mind helping out the poor suffering con artists of this world? If you’ve got £20 you’re eager to get rid of, give it to somebody or something deserving. Tina

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Hi Tina. On the other hand, if your just scared of the unknown which I can understand, like said, with an open mind, not everyone is a con man what don’t suit some, can brink relief to others, and non of us can live on fresh air, so as they say don’t knock it till you try it,

similar things have been going around for years, all fake and preying on people’s hopes for cures :confused: ok, people argue whats the harm if it doesn’t hurt, because sometimes it does lead to people getting hurt when they stop medication that has been proven to work. if I had an extra £20, I would rather go buy food for a homeless shelter

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Take a different look:

It is not “only £20”. Stephen Turoff has a clever business model that will minimise (or even stop) complaints in that to get treatment for A, someone (shall we say B) has to pay. When the “treatment” does not work, A has to tell B - and look ungrateful - or there is no ground for complaint.

Multiply £20 or £25 or £30 by 50, or 100, or even 200 people in one day, and it stops being “only £20” right there. Now take a look at Stephen Turoff’s web page, and see what he will be charging for “individual therapy” when he visits Slovenia in September. Not £30, but 70 Euros.


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Ok, see where it’s going, I think I will go for healing at the local church, no charge, so won’t offend by wasting money, it’s like all the diets that have apparently vertualy cured the author, don’t give them away to help others do they, but nether do tesco.

So far all the medication iv been put on has made me worse? That’s why I’m looking for alternative therapy??