Could this be true? An ATOS good news story!!!!

Hi all, my sister just called me. A friend of hers has a rare form or arthritis that affects his spine. He’s still on the old incapacity benefit (as am I).

Apparently a very nice woman from ATOS called him yesterday & told him that they are not now seeing everybody for an assessment now.

She said that people who appear to have more serious conditions can just send in their letters from specialists etc, and a letter from GP… and will be assessed by those only.

My sister said that she doesn’t even think he has to fill in the form!

She’s known this friend for years & he wouldn’t lie about something like that.

Can it be true?

Anyone else heard about this?

(Oh I hope so!!!)

Pat x

I think that is true! Haven’t a few here been approved without a face-to-face? It probably very much depends on the quality of evidence you are able to submit in the first place. I also suspect ATOS/DWP simply cannot cope with the backlog of having to personally assess everybody. They must be looking for opportunities to skip it in some cases.


Oh Tina I hope it’s true!!!

I’m sure you’re right… probably desparate to get the backlog dealt with and improve their ‘outcomes’ or whatever!

We have had a couple on here recently who didn’t have to have the face to face… but according to my sister he didn’t even have to fill in the assessment form (but she may have misunderstood him).

Fingers crossed!

Pat x

Well I got put from the work group the the support group without a face to face assessment. Just filled in the forms and sent them off. I’ve never sent letters from GP etc just sent telephone numbers and address.

I no some people have such a hard time! Its nice to hear the good positives.

Blimey, that is good news indeed - that will hopefully preserve a few folks mental health and stress levels and sounds like the Atos women was nice too. Will wonders never cease!

Yes, that is really good news for your sister`s friend.

As you know, I didnt have to have the interview.

But the form was daunting and it took my daughter, who works for a disabled charity, 3 hours to fill in, which left us both knackered!

luv Pollx