Prolapsed l5 disc and ms symptoms

I have never posted on a site before, so bare with me! I was diagnosed with and l5 s1 prolapse disc over a year ago and seen a nurosurgoen who believes my symptoms are not just disc related but also a nurlogical problem. I then saw a neurologist and had a full brain and spine scan. They have not diagnosed ms but have referred me to a pain specialist. I drop things unexpectantly, have burning sensations in front of my both legs and forearms and hands. I mostly wake up on night with dead arms or hands. I aslo experience extreme fatigue and have had episodes of vertigo, hot feet, and double vision over the last 10 years. I am now do not know where to turn as I initially thought I just had a disc problem! Anyone else with the same issues? Rebecca

Hi Rebecca, and welcome to the site

You haven’t told us very much, but I can tell you that a prolapsed disc that low down the spine couldn’t cause all the symptoms you descibe so there must be more going on. What has the neuro said?

It’s great that you’ve been referred to the pain clinic as there are some really great meds and treatments available these days for neuropathic pain. A lot of the meds have side effects in the first few weeks, but if you persevere you should hopefully find life a lot easier soon.

There are probably no two people with identical stories on here, but there are plenty of people going through the diagnostic process and a few who have made it through the other side - the one thing we all have in common is that we understand, no matter where it all started.

Karen x

Hi Rebecca,

I too was told I have a prolapsed disc at the bottom of my spine over 2 yrs ago (before all my other symptoms started to become a major problem) I have had an MRI scan on my brain which showed 5 lesions, a lumbar puncture which showed nothing. I too have some of your symptoms but others too. I have an appointment to go see my gp next week as my pain is getting much worse in my back and also at the top of my spine ,neck and shoulders. I have not had a dx. I dont think the prolapsed disc is part of the MS symptoms but I’m no expert and it def doesnt help. Hope you are ok.


This is interesting for me because they also found C5- C6 displaced but not deformed. Also L4-L5 degenerative spondylitis and L5 - S1 degenerative spondylitis but told me this had absolutely nothing to do with MS. Is that right?

MS only directly affects the central nervous system, so degeneration of the vertebrae is not related to MS.

Karen x

Thanks Karen. It’s quite difficult to get my head around these things in a foreign language. Just need to wait for the latest MRI results and bloods tomorrow then x

I have all your synmptoms as well.When i had my mri they found i had a c5/6 herniated disc impinging on thenerve toot apparently .

The neurosurgeon i saw said my symtoms are not caused by the disc either .

At least you are being reffered to a pain specialist ,thats good :slight_smile:

Im currently waiting for my neurologist to get back to me ,as he is getting another neurosurgical opinion about the disc .Ive now had at least 3 opinions on it !

Welcome to the site

Sam xx

Hi Sam, thanks for the welcome, what a great site this is. I have been battling on with very little information partly because I haven’t had a positive dx but was told my attack in January was a possible MS attack. Since then my MRIs have come back clear as did my lumber puncture. Saw the Neuro yesterday and she says she is going to do a whole new bout of tests to check for other autoimunes, possible overian or thyroid. Really can’t fault her, she doesn’t seem to be leaving any stone unturned. So MS still not ruled in or out based upon symptoms…it would just be nice to know eh! Xx

Not recent, but I had lower back pain (prolapsed disk) for years and finally had a laminectomy at L5 S1 in 1990. I was eventually diagnosed with PPMS in 1998, but had none of the symptoms you describe. In my case, I dare say it probably masked the early symptoms of MS, although that’s a guess.

Your problem might just be down to pressure on the nerves over a long period of time and hopefully, further investigations will provide an answer.

I found this map of the spine quite useful in highlighting problem areas.

Thanks everyone, for your very kind welcome. I am so grateful for all your replies. I am not sure if the symptoms I mentioned in my first post are actually MS related or not? I found it hard to except that I may have an underlying nurlological condition as well as my back problems. The doctors say that sometimes, one medical condition can high light another. My brain MRI showed no significant abnormalities - although, I am unsure exactly what that means. Since the neurologist mentioned that I may have a nurlological problem, I have been thinking back to things that have happened in the past. Such as, I remember driving on the motorway and thought a car was swerving into me and it was just my eyesight! Sam: it is interesting that you also have similar symptoms? I be interested to know a little more. Belly boo, whammel and Kirstie: what symptoms do you have? I am sorry, if I related to my prolapsed disc as a MS symptom- I did not mean do this. Looking forward to hearing from you all. Rebecca

Hi Rebecca, my symptoms are very similar to yours. My attack came in a wallop in January. Thought it was just something that would pass when I got up for work, wobbled across the room, bumped into the wall, heart palpitations and extreme fatigue. Also double vision, vertigo and complete loss of strength in my lower body from the waist down. I spent a week in hospital and have recently had another attack which affected my mobility less but left me with bad tremors which even made my teeth chatter. Looking back I was suffering with burning feet about 6 months before the January attack and I did have vertigo about 5 years ago. Xx

Hi Kirstie Thanks for your reply. Very kind. I had vertigo 8 years ago and had 3 was off work. I have the had vertigo on and off since, but not so severe. The constant burning sensations in my arms and legs combined with the extreme fatigue and mobility issues linked with my back problems are very frustrating. I have just gone back to work full time after a year off with my disc problems and find myself going to bed before the kids and sleeping most of the weekends too. I have always been called lazy as I have had fatigue issues for years! I can sleep until 11 am, go for a nap at 2pm and then go to bed at 9 pm exhausted! My husband is fantastic, but even he complains about my sleeping! Are you the same? Rebecca

Hi Rebecca. I haven’t slept so much in my life since January. I have always had pretty demanding jobs and quite a lot of stress so I haven’t had fatigue before and it’s doing my head in because I’m not a "sit down " type of person! Before this hit I was out of the house 11 hours a day with work and travelling and have a mutual hobby with my husband because we both ride motorbikes. I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie so feeling like this is not only affecting me physically but having quite an impact on my general personality! It’s such a shame when you have finally got back to work only to find that now this is slowing you down. Xx

Hi It sounds like you are just as frustrated as me. What other symptoms do you have that are similar to mine- or different? Beck x

Hi Beck. Reading your symptoms, we are very similar. Have you had any discomfort behind your eyes? Mine comes and goes and feels like I have a lump or bruise, normally behind my left eye ( my left side in general is weaker). This does affect my vision but normally it’s just blurred for a bit then settles down but worse if I read lots. I also had a numb arm ( left ) for about 2 weeks, then that went and finally, just to top it all…constipation!! Delightful lol xx…tremors at the moment but these are better with the beta blockers even though I didn’t have higher blood pressure until this last attack.