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Hello everyone, I appear to have messed up my account somehow and am after some advice. I joined last year but have not been able to add a photo and I noticed that when I post it doesn’t give the option for other members to send me a private message, if they want to. I am conscious that I look closed off to you all when I am very friendly and open to talk etc. I have never sent a private message so I know i haven’t messed that bit up. Do you think I have ticked or un-ticked a box I should/shouldn’t have? I keep checking my info daily and contacted the society for advice a couple of weeks ago but they are busy dealing with more important stuff I’m sure! I would be grateful if anyone had any ideas on what numpty thing I could have done? I really want to put a little pic of Chorlton on my profile (from Chorlton and the Wheelies) :slight_smile: Thanks Sam x

Not sure if this will help, but have a go at clicking on “My homepage” (top right of screen, next to your username), then “My profile”, then use the tabs along there. Under notifications, there is a button for when to receive private messages alerts. (Not sure if this switches things on or off at all mind you!) Under another tab you can edit your profile so you can add an avatar (and a very groovy one Chorlton would be :-)).

If all else fails, you can email the webteam and someone there should be able to help you.

Karen x

Brilliant, thank you. Makes perfect sense now, see told you I was being a numpty!!

Found a picture of Chorlton that fits the size requirement. Ooh I love him!!


Sam xx

My buzzing started in my feet with more common “bottom of my feet are on fire,” feeling. Both feet equally.

Then I noticed my lower legs buzzing, deep internal but not visible from the outside like many have described here.

It’s been going on for months, slowly getting worse over time as it has traveled up my legs to both arms, and again equally both sides. Recently it started to rapidly travel up my body, and I started feeling a tinge buzz in the front side of my tongue.

This evening it got more scary with parts of my face tingling,

And all symptoms the worst at night quite dramatically when I lay down (but now also noticeable all day). It “pulses” just like a phone on vibrate, buzz, then stop. Buzz then stop. I don’t notice a stopping on my face though. It feels more like I got hot sauce on patches of skin. Tonight I’m also having swallowing difficulties. My tongue feels like it swells up in my mouth and my throat feels like it forgets how to swallow. Like all the muscles have no coordination. I don’t know if this is related to the buzzing or not. I’ve had this swallowing, and swollen feeling tongue problem on and off over many years. It’s so scary and I have to fight the panicked feeling.

Has anyone experienced this progression, symptoms starting with feet, then calves, then whole body, then head? Has anyone found anything that helps at all. I’m so sleep deprived after so many months of this. It is helpful to know others have experienced my mystery illness, but I’m so sorry everyone is going through similar scary and frustrating challenges. :frowning: <3 PS. I’m in the U.S. Does anyone know any neurologists that have experience with this that they recommend?