Problems with predictive text

I’ve recently started having problems with predictive text on my tablet. It only happens when I type a word containing an apostrophe, and it only happens on these forums. If I start typing “I’ve” and tap the suggested word, I get “iveI”. A similar thing happens with ImI (that should have been I’m).

As I said, this doesn’t happen on other forums, nor does it happen when I type a document. So itsi (there’s another one!) a forum problem rather than an Android or keyboard problem. Posting is getting tricky. Please help!

It’s both a marvel and a pain in the posterior, that predictive text. There are lots of words that my iPad doesn’t like to start a new paragraph with. For example, it becomes Pit. Very annoying. Plus often not turns into nit. Just midway through a sentence. So if ever you think I’m accusing you of having nits, I’m not. Honest.


Predictive text is both a marvel and a pain in the posterior. For example, there are many words with which the iPad doesn’t like to begin a paragraph. So ‘it’ becomes ‘pit’ and there are many other words similarly altered.

Plus, for some bizarre reason, ‘not’ often turns into ‘nit’. Just silly nilly. So if anyone ever thinks I’m accusing them of having nits, I’m probably not.

I don’t want to turn predictive text off (which I could do quite easily in settings - I’m not sure if your tablet is the same CD) because it’s often useful. Particularly since sometimes I mistype or misspell words.


I’ve a mate called Gaz. On my phone the message is to gay. We ave a Laugh. Predictive text. Paul

My point is that I don’t have this problem anywhere else. I post on other forums without this issue cropping up. I edit documents without difficulty. This forum is the only place where I have trouble using contraction like I’ve.