Private prescription.... and waiting! Where did our control go?

Hi Guys, ‘Fampridine’ where have I been? I have been waiting for a positive reply from Consultant/GP, I’m still waiting I just want to try the ****ing thing, I apologise for the language On Friday my first visit with a different Consultant ‘I can’t see why you can’t get ‘Fampridine’ I just have to write a Private prescription’ - YOU THINK!! ‘Maybe I’m missing something, I’ll look into it’…and waiting! The riggmyroll involved is like a mountain to climb, mind numbing. Will I give up? not bloody likely, this would have read easier if I’d been able to put in paragraphs, sorry about thatM

No control over paragraphs either! I forgot to say, be safe, take care M

Honestly love you could probably go out on the street and buy heroin with less hassle!!!

Hope you hear SOON and get the prescription!

Pat xxx

(ps I don’t know why some people can’t use paragraphs and it’s been going on for ages!)

Hi M, In the same situation…been waiting since June…chased neuro…chased GP, chased MS nurse all to no avail…just want to try the free one months trial and see if I’m one of the lucky people who respond. As Pat says …probably easier to get heroin !! Good luck…be very interested to know how you get on. Take care, Nina x Don’t have a problem with paragraphs but still cannot do smileys!

Hi guys, I think I’d rather have smileys than paragraphsI bit today, much M

[quote=“Snow Leopard”]

(ps I don’t know why some people can’t use paragraphs and it’s been going on for ages!)

[/quote] It doesn’t work using Internet Explorer but other browsers work.

[quote=“Mr Grumpy”]

Oh that’s handy to know Mr G!!!

I use Google Chrome and don’t have a problem. There’s your answer folks… try using Google Chrome (do you think I could ask for a fraction of their profits for that little plug?)

Pat x

I use Internet Explorer, but rarely write more than a sentence and never reach a full paragraph.

Still, there doesn’t seem to be a problem.

I have no prblems on my knackered old laptop or at work BUT new shiney fast computer = no spaces!

Sonia x

Hello everyone! I had trouble with paragraphs also. I recently downloaded chrome instead of using internet explorer and now it works fine again.

Dr Geoff told me about it on EL and he said firefox was also good to change to.


Thanks Teresa, I will look at doing that :slight_smile:

Sonia x

Woo hoo!

Using google Chrome now- so…

I can have paras again!

Thank yous:)

Sonia x

Google Chrome - is brilliant

Google Chrome is brilliant… except for its spell check.

On Explorer you can type a word wrongly and it will come up with all sorts of similar words one of which is usually the word you want… but Google Chrome won’t. It will only come up with the correct word if you are only one or two letters out. And since MS my spelling has really gone to hell.

By the way, when are we going to get a spell check on here? Must be a couple of years since we asked for one!

Pat x

My spelling has also gone to pot Pat, sad really cos I was always the one that everone used to ask.

Pam x

Pam sometimes I can’t spell the simplist words! Drives me nuts.

Doesn’t help the Google Chrome doesn’t recognise some correct words… even though I’ve got it set on ‘British English’.

If I type in ‘Alexandra’ for ‘Alexandra Palace’ (just up the road from me), it come up as wrong and alternatives are Alexandria or Alexander.

When you don’t trust your own spelling that is very annoying!

Pat x

The problem is for a neuro/consultant to prescribe you with fampridine/fampyra, they have to monitor you. This would enable you to get the free trial. But of course to monitor you they have to see you and that costs them time and money which by the look of everyones problems gettin responses,I wonder if they’re having problems with justifing the expense so that they are paid. It also costs you time and aggravation as well !!

Your GP can prescribe it on a private script which costs nothing. Tell him/ her about the drug, the concerns for him not supplying it will be if you have had kidney probs, seizures or are allergic to 4AP. A GP can prescribe any medication to you that they think may benefit your condition. So its up to you to convince your G.P.

Once you have got the private script, send it to Bupahome healthcare. It will cost 190.10 for 1 months supply but with no free trial.

Bear in mind if it does help you, you have to keep taking it month in month out at your own expense. Research it as much as possible, google, youtube everywhere.

My conclusions were it is not worth it, the cost to benefit ratio does not stack up unless you have plenty of dosh !!

Hope this helps.