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I am the husband of someone who has SPMS.

Although we have an assigned MS nurse her main advice is that we need to seek help “in the community”. In other words from our GP. The trouble is neither of us have a lot of faith in GP’s nowadays, they seem to spend most of a consultation studying there computer screens and the only practical help they offer is more and more tablets. My wife is glugging down eight different tablets nowadays and I am afraid that it is having a serious effect on her mental acuity.

My question to you is this: does anyone know if it is possible to get Private Health Insurance for someone with her condition? I realise that the insurance companies will not take anyone on with a ‘pre-existing condition’ but am wondering whether there is any organisation that can provide paid for care and advice. We both feel that we might get better, more focussed, help if we could go privately.

Alternatively is it possible to see a Consultant Neurologist or someone specialising in MS if we pay for it? GP’s have so many demands on their time and expertise and MS seems to be low on their list of priorities.



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i have cover with a company which enables me to have complementary therapies.

i can’t remember their name at the moment but i’ll come back and add it to this message when i do,

if there is an ms therapy centre near you, they have a lot on offer to their members.

it’s a disgrace when people are put in your situation.

good luck

carole x

yes you can pay to see a private neurologist.

many have a NHS practise as well, so may be able to see you on the nhs after the first consultation.

I saw a neurologist privately to start off with then saw him through the nhs thereafter. If you can afford it get the gp to refer you to a neurologist and pay for a one off consultation and that way you will get the ball rolling. Good luck x

I was dxd privately through health insurance, then switched to NHS. The expensive things are the tests, but presumably your wife wouldn’t need these as she has been confirmed as SPMS. x

Hi Peter

I can’t imagine that any company is likely to accept your wife in a health insurance policy. I wouldn’t insure me if I were an underwriter!! (Unless I had just been made redundant and was very unhappy with the company!)

But as other people have said, it’s always possible to see a neurologist privately. But what do you want a neurologist to do that can’t be done on the NHS?

Is there an alternative that would help? Physiotherapy for example? Or even hydrotherapy. If either isn’t available to your wife on the NHS, it might be worth paying for it. I also see a Consultant Rehabilitation specialist instead of a standard neurologist.

Perhaps rather than heading straight for a private neurologist, you need to think about what it is you and your wife want to improve her healthcare.


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the health insurance i have is with Simply Health.

i got it because it covers dental and opticians bills which can be hefty.

i only get a refund of a percentage but feel that it’s worth it.

maybe not what you are looking for.

Thank you, Carole

This looks interesting, I’m studying their website right now.



i understand what you are wanting/trying to do and why but…

what do u think a private neuro can do that nhs one cant? you can pay privately for physio, reflexology, massage and whole range of choices treatments that will help but nothing will cure or get rid. i have always said thats its harder for those who love us and haver to watch us struggle with whatever we need to deal with. aye-it crap for us but i still think worse for you.

i have said previously that its all down to luck-finding right person to support person with ms and their ‘other’. thats not right but reality i think. because its health that we are dealing with we expect, and deserve the best but medics etc are only humans! its easier to get yer heid round a bad builder/shop assistant/taxi driver/a.n job disappoints us but health is no different as in there are some crackers out there but also the ones who do it for other reasons and not cos they care! before i sound totally against nhs i am not-i worked for them as a staff nurse for 12yrs! it is great but demand is/has changed so much.

by limiting to private then i would guess it would be even harder to find that right person to click/gel with and get the help you (ur wife) needs?

it took me 12yrs (not the same years i mentioned previous!) to find the nhs person that could support me in way i require.

its a minefield out ther-i really do hope that you get the support you need/seek.