wondering if anyone else has been through similar situation and what the effect was on them.

Unfortunately on 15th October I miscarried at 11 weeks, however I haemorrhaged and lost 4 pints of blood, had 4 units on transfusion and about 5 units of fluids. Needless to say I am now anaemic and trying to get my strength back again. Problem now being that my MS appears to have relapsed.

do you think this is a minor blip due to what my body has been through or could it be a full relapse?


Hi Rufus. Sorry to read of your miscarriage and resulting haemorrhage. Apart from the actual trauma of this, I imagine the distress of your bereavement is enough to exacerbate any problems you have from MS. You don’t say what you are experiencing to make you think you are relapsing, however I would certainly see your gp sooner rather than later. Do you have contact with your MS nurse? You must surely be able to see a Practice nurse at least? Listen to your body and follow your instinct. Don’t ignore anything your body is feeling at the moment.

Best wishes and keep well.

Sorry yes forgot to state what was wrong. Having all sorts of sensory issues in legs, balance is off, in the night feel

someone is tearing my hip apart from nerve pain. Needless to say I am exhausted.

seeing GP on Monday and MS nurse has been in contact. Was meant to be back at work last week but as I travel 40 miles to work I decided not to drive that far in current state.

see what GP says tomorrow and go from there.

Can you get signed off work for a while longer by the gp? You need to be very kind to yourself right now. Good luck

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I think this is very sensible advice, Poppy.

Rufus, I am sorry that life is being so tough. I’m afraid that sometimes you just have to give yourself time to heal, and this sounds like one of those times. Please don’t rush back to work. if you can help it.


So sorry to hear about your miscarriage. I think maybe you should have time off work because pushing yourself will not be good for you. I had the same years ago and pushed myself too much and I ended up very ill.

Thanks all GP agreed working from home 2 days a week for 2 weeks and reassess after that. Work have agreed shorter hours too so they are being very accommodating.

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That’s good to see and good to know you have support in the workplace. Take time to take care of yourself.