Pregnancy & medication

Hi all Just wanted some advice. In march I was on gabapentin and amitriptyline and I stopped suddenly after finding out I was pregnant (as advised by GP). This made me feel terrible for a few weeks but I had a miscarriage at just over 6 weeks. I saw neuro for 1st proper appointment after diagnosis shortly after, who put me back on Gabapenin at double the dose (1800mg). I specifically asked about whether this was safe and whether I’d have to stop again should I fall pregnant, as I didn’t want to start taking it again if I’d have to stop it. He said there was no problem with starting it in and staying on it. I couldn’t handle the dose and started to drop it a bit, down to 1200mg. Found out I was pregnant again but had another miscarriage today. Don’t know what to do? Neuro says take it, GP says stop it and nurse says not proven either way. I can’t help but think if I’d only stayed off it, maybe things would be different but he seemed so positive. Neurontin website doesn’t seem so positive. Anyone had any experiences with this? Many thanks :slight_smile: