Pregnancy and medication

I am gong through the process of weaning off my medication in order to try for a baby in the summer. I weaned Baclofen from 20mg 3x day going down 5mg every 3 days. Been off it for 3 weeks now. I am now weaning down my Gabapentin, was on 800mg 3x day. I am struggling now though. I get nerve pain which keeps me awake at night at times. The main problem though is the muscle spasms and pain in my legs. If I should think of trying to be sociable and see people one day, I am suffering for 2-3 days after. Has anyone been through similar? Or got pregnant whilst on Baclofen and/or Gabapentin? I just feel so miserable at the moment and can’t even bare for my husband to touch or cuddle me at night, which is kind of difficult when it comes to trying for a baby.


i have taken amytriptyline for 6 ish years. stopped about 4 monthsago-slowly. instead i now wear a copper bracelet which was a wee experiment to myself. the benefits in arthritic tpye pain are well documented but nerve pain? its working for me. maybe worth a try?

good luck with the baby making!

ellie (mum of 4)

ps i had my kids before i knew i had ms so cant answer re pregnancy and medication.

Thank you for your reply. I will try the bracelet just in case it helps… thanks.

I find 375mg of magnesium greatly eases problems with spasm & cramp and might be worth checking out.

lollo - i hear ya!! I am off everything bar my Tysabri as we are going to be doing the same thing this year. Its a nightmare - I am yet to find anything that helps with the pain. A couple have told me (of the record) to not come off it all until I fall pregnant - but that sounds too risky to me.

If you find anything that helps - tell me and I will do the same!

GL xx

Hi,I fell pregnant five years ago while on gabapentin and beta interferon.when I found out I was pregnant at 5 weeks I stopped the meds and worried like mad.i have the most amazing little boy and everything is fine,but this is just my story .i hope it helps . Jo x