Hi I was wondering if anybody had been put on over 600mgs Pregabalin a day and if so how’d you get on?

Hi when I was put on pregabalin three years ago I got up to 400 my a day the side affects were mainly to my personality I was the most bad tempered bugger you could bomb into also ocational bad dream after a few months the pain clinic wanted me

Step up to 600mg a day I got up to 500 b a day but between the personality and the weight I put on I had to stop .

I am now taking 150 mg twice a day and seem to be fine on that I have quite a bit off nerve pain from time to time but I can

Just about live with that ,I have to make sure I get lyrica because the generic pregabalin the pharmacy s have do not agree big time.

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I was on 900mg a day for four years my ms seemed to be getting a lot worse balance,bladder,walking chronic pain in both legs and I kept getting what felt like electric shocks to my brain which mentioned to the doc on numerous occasions. Any way to cut a long story short I ended up being rushed by ambulance into hospital with tacicardia they did all kinds of test only to be told it was to do with the Pregabalin being so high. I was in hospital for a week where they dropped my tablets down by 300mg. Eight days after coming out i got hit with the withdrawals which horrific to say the least you would of thought I’d been coming down off of crack …yep it was that bad. Went back to the docs because I actually thought they’d missed something in hospital and I was gonna die only to find out the tablets should of been tapered down slowly. Ive been through 14 wks of hell im now down to 550mg my bladder problems have stopped along with other issues I had that I had put down to my ms. As you can see I’m not a big fan of the drug . All the best to you

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I was told at outset that 600 mg was the maximum dose but life taking 300 mg a day is much better than taking nothing

All the best

Yeah I found out that 600mg was the maximum after I came out of hospital I complained to my neuro that there had been a mistake and I had been inadvertently taking an overdose of Pregabalin . He got pretty shirty and said he knew a lot of people on higher doses than that!! To be honest I seemed to know more about the drug than him it was actually very worrying. Thanks for replying to me just be careful with that stuff it literally rewires your whole nervous system. It’s been 14 weeks and I’m still suffering side effects. And for gods sake taper the tablets if you decide to come down or come off. All the best

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I have found out the hard way that the cheap generic pregabalin iether doesn’t work or knocks the shit out off me so if it’s not lyrica it doesn’t come out of the chemists shop .

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The chemist told me that I had to be given the generic pregabalin because the cheaper version was not tested for such as m&s nerve pain the chemist can get done for giving you the cheaper version xxx

That was because off patents on its use as a pain killer under the lyrica name witch have now exspired