Prednisolone course even before diagnosis?!

Hi guys,

I’ve been experiencing right side weakness (arm & leg) for 2 weeks now. After a couple of trips to a&e and my GP, they do feel it’s MS based on neurological tests so far (brisk reflexes, positive babinski sign). Also because there’s a lot of MS in my family.

My GP sent an urgent referral to neurology, so it will be 6 weeks before I get my MRI. So, in the mean time, the neurologist has decided it’s best to start me on a 10 day course of prednisolone at 40mg each day. Should I have queried this at all?! I’m just not sure I’m happy taking steroids without a diagnosis in case it’s not MS. I’m guessing this isn’t a high dose? I understand they have started me on this in case it is a relapse I’m experiencing - (I went through something similar last year with my right side but not as severe as this.)

I guess I would just like some reassurance or something! My mind is telling me they are certain it is MS if they’ve went ahead & started me on this without the neurologist actually seeing me or without an MRI. :frowning:

Thanks guys x

Don’t worry; it’s fine. I had similarly modest doses of oral steroids before dx, as did many of us, I’m sure. With a bit of luck, it will help. In any case, knowing how you respond to them will be another little piece in the jigsaw for your medics to fit into the picture.

The normal dose for treating acute relapse in dx RRMS is much higher, by the way.


Thanks so much for your reply, Alison.

I guessI will have a lot of questions to ask seeing as this is all new to me! I found out they put me on the steroids because my bloods came back with high inflammation. I’m finished the steroids now but they didn’t do me any good! I’m (not so!) patiently waiting on an MRI scan, I just want a diagnosis so I can treatment started because right now I’m feeling like I’m stuck in a rut & not able to get on with my life. :frowning:

Best wishes to you