pre op assessment

Hi gang.

I went for this yesterday. I was surprised at how in depth and how long it took.

I had an ECG, swabs from nose and groin taken, to check for MRSA, a million questions asked about my health now and in the past, plus some family history.

Then I had to go to the path lab for blood tests, I Have to go back tomorrow to see the anaesthatist, as I couldnt get weighed due to being wheelie bound.

I have to go into hospital for the spc op next Thursday at 7am!!! That`s gonna be fun.

But on a positive note, I`lll be done on the morning list and not be hanging around waiting and thinking till the afternoon.

luv Pollx

Hi Poll, Like you I was at the hospital for more than 2 hours for my pre op assessment. I hope they stick to what they say when they said you will be on the morning list because they told me to be at the hospital at 7am and I would be first on the list. When I got there they told me I would be last on the list. When my husband queried this they said the list could not be changed and I eventually went down at 4pm. Anyway everything is all good now and I am so glad I had it done. It will make a huge difference to your life and I will be watching for updates. Anne x.

Only a week to go Poll. 7am… blimey that’ll be bit of an effort!

I’m so sorry to read in another post that you had bad panic attack. No wonder with all that’s been going on.

Thinking of you hon,

Pat x

Hi poll, glad to hear you on morning list like you say better than afternoon, sorry you weren’t too good other day, but fantastic news about your daughter, Will be thinking of you, Luv Yvonne xx

Hi again.

Went to see the anaesthetist today. Lots more questions, and he checked my heart and lungs, cough and swallow abilities…all good.

One thing he said which pleases me and my hubby and carers, is the fact that I``ll be staying in overnight. Thats a big relief. Theyll be able to check my pipe is working fully.

On the countdown now…6 more sleeps!

luv Pollx

They are certainly very thorough Poll - lts like having a MOT. For my hiphop - l had to self inject anti-coagulant to prevent blood clots the night before and then for 28days afterwards and wear those lovely white stockings for 6weeks. This is because of the amount of anaesthetic and the length of time of the op.

We shall all be thinking of you - and l am sure that once you have got used to it you will find it such a relief - make life so much easier for you and your hubby.

love Fx

Hi Polly, The pre op is always very in depth! Glad for all concerned that they will keep you in overnight, it will make life much easier for all concerned. The early start is a real drag isn’t it, I had to be in by 07:30 and didn’t go to surgery until 12:30! Take a good book :slight_smile: Sara xx

Hi, are you Campion, with a new username? If so, did I miss you telling us? If not, you and she have a lot in common…spc wise , a new hip and the same initial F.

luv Pollx

I hope they dont keep me waiting so long, especially as I did ask to go on the afternoon list! I have asked for a sedative,which I will need if I am kept waiting so long. it`s gonna be a swine to get there for 7am.

luv Pollx