Pre MS dx madness

Hi everyone! This might sound odd, but has anyone else experienced some form of breakdown before you were sent for tests for possible MS? I was diagnosed in 2005, August bank holiday to be presise, after what I thought was a stroke. Id been having very strange episodes for a while but put it down to trying to complete my Dietetic degree, travelling & the fact I had left my hubby of 18 years cos my head went!! I had been under pressure before but to leave my home & family was unthinkable!! Even now I cant explain what drove me to do it. I had just shut off, and hit the self destruction button, after the dx I just got worse!! It was like I was living someone elses life, not my own. Nobody could understand my behaviour, especially not me. Thankfully after a year I came “back” and am back with my family & hubby. If this rings a bell I would love to hear from you, Im still baffled by what went on in my head!! Tracey


This happened to me almost exactly as you have explained. It was in 2007, October half term, I suddenly lost the plot. I started screaming at my family like a woman possesed. (I have always been a fairly placid type) so this was completely out of character. I felt so ill after and my doctor said I was starting the change, at 42!!!. I kept going back to him and was put on anit depressants, but I was agressive, and would then sleep alot. I walked out, then came back, I took an overdose and was found and hospitalised. I was sent home with stronger pills and therepy. Things just kept getting blacker then one morning I woke up with severe double vision. Again back to hospital for scans, ruling out a brain tumer. then eventually because of other sensations I was experiencing it eventually came back to MS. I still struggle with depression but have found I can now somehow cope knowing what is wrong with me. I am in relapse at the moment with worse double vision than the first, and I have had a couple of wobbly days which take it out of me.


OMG Caz!!! I am so relieved! Not because of what you are/have gone through, but it helps me get my head round what happened to me. I have always been lively & outgoing but this was un believeable. Ive always been so close to my family but I shut them out, I shut everything out. I didnt recognise myself & I couldnt help me either, no one could. Thank you for replying. Keep in touch & I really hope things work out. Im getting there. This demon took hold long before dx!!! Good luck mate Tracey xx