Praise for The Walton Centre, Fizakerley

Hi Hope you are all ‘doing ok’.

I know from reading posts in the past, that some of you have not had good experiences from your hospitals and I don’t wish to ‘rub salt into the wound’ by writing this, but I must say how very impressed I am with the care and service that I always get from The Walton Centre, Fizakerley, Liverpool.

I was dx 14yrs ago, but have been under Walton, as an Out Patient, for nearly 4yrs and I have always been very aware of the excellent care that the hospital provides. (from the consultants, MS Nurse, etc and even the receptionists) However, now I must ‘sing their praises’ even more!

I started on Tysabri in August, after an awful year of relapses and the care that I receive on The Jefferson Ward each month, is OUTSTANDING.

My husband always says you could not get better care and attention if you were paying private, and he is right. I have never had a bad experince where-ever I go throughout the hospital, but the Jefferson Ward is simply Brilliant! From the moment you go on to the day ward they always put you at your ease, nothing is too much trouble and ALL the staff are friendly and attentive.

They are a credit to the hospital and the nursing profession. I just wanted to acknowledge this, by writing this post. Again I’m sorry if any of you are not having as good an experience and don’t wish to upset you by doing so.

Take care - Equus X

Its so good to hear of msers who receive the right sort of help when needed. Proper care, advice and help are all we ask for. So nice of you to share your experience of your local hospital.

Thank you for sharing with us.



It’s so nice to hear you mention Fazakerley, my dad’s family originated from there. They lived in Field Lane, I remember it with fond thoughts.



Hi! Ive been going to the Walton Centre since Oct 2008 and have had excellent care there, too; one of the best in the north west apparently. (Also very fortunate and convenient for me, as I work ‘over the road’ in a school and can walk to my appointments!-not too far from Field Lane either!!)

Take care

Erika x

So good to hear a positive, they should all be like the Walton centre,its so unusual to hear a good story about hospitals, these days isnt it ?

jaki xx


Walton is a fantastic hospital.

I have been an inpatient recently and was very impressed with my care. (as an ex -nurse I know the standards we should all expect!)

I too have been a patient on Jefferson Ward, all staff there are caring, competent and a credit to their profession.

I’m only sorry if others, from different parts of the country, don’t have this excellent care on their doorstep…

Hi, Am a newbie diagnosed in June and under the Walton Centre. Am waiting on referral to Dr Young for her advice on what to do next. There is a fair wait to see her but my present neuro thinks worth it. Will be assigned an MS nurse when I see her. However need some help and advice before that and have left a message for MS nurses to call me if poss. Just wondering if anyone else who is seen at Walton can offer any help or advice. This feed came up when googling for MS nurse number at Walton, but have to add in the last whirlwind few months all docs have been amazing. Thanks Carolyne.

I too only have good things to say about Walton, been there for a few appointments as well as Manchester another good hospital with my favorite neuroligist.

When I finally get to see a MS nurse in Sept it will be at Walton.

When my dad was dx with cancer 5yrs ago he was treated at Walton and the doctors and nurses were no nice and looked after him very well right up until the end