PPMS treatment 01

Hi Guys, Hope you are all not too bad today. Like me I am sure many pwPPMS are frustrated at the lack of progress in treatments for PPMS. But here’s one that seems to give us some hope…

In September 2018 Multiple Sclerosis News headline said Ibudilast Slows Brain Shrinkage 48% in Progressive MS Patients in Phase 2 Trial; Lead Researcher Says Finding is ‘Remarkable’.

Problem though is that like many it will probably disappear without trace, or will be approved abroad but not in the UK, or will be approved in the UK but only for RRMS (again!), or for progressive MS but only secondary, etc, etc, etc…

The usual story. Those with the biggest unmet need will loose out.

Incidentally the MS Society research page says it is still in phase 2 test but I think that is wrong, it has actually finished now.

Maybe an MS moderator could enlighten us?



Thanks for the info…interesting and really positive news… I checked it out on MS Trust…all looks positive but after spending years waiting for ocrevus …to be denied it…I have learnt to expect nothing … MS Trust show it at phase II too …also says its page will be reviewed within 3 years! No rush …it’s not like we have a progressive illness or anything …

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