Ocrelizumab drug trial application

Just learned of this drug trial submission for PPMS.

Anyone out there trialling it?

I’ll try anything to get rid of this crap & the theories from so called experts.

I want to end this PPMS stigma. Maybe the lottery will give me a winning ticket.

I think all the trial for this drug is underway.

It’s not a cure either, just something that will potentially slow disability progression from what I’ve read. It was available in the USA last year and it’s still with NICE here I believe.

Sonia x

I spoke with someone from the MS Society & they advised me to inquire about the treatment with the neuro.

It’s basically a chemo treatment from what I can gather.

The supplements I’ve been taking are doing a good job. Light exercises & chilling out.

From my own research. Greens & nuts do well. The ACV has been the best, with Omega 3 oil, Krill oil, Cod Liver oil & a multitude of other bits & bobs.