PPMS and ESA and 0 Points????

Hi all, got the results today from job cetnre people that my hubby failed his medical for ESA scoring a massive 0 points… Oops sorry did we not mention that he can hardly walk has quite a few ‘accidents’ suffers from extreme fatiuge etc etc etc Oh well another fight for us…APPEAL APPEAL APPEAL God i could really do without this… do they not realise that we have enough stress with this damn illness without having to fight for something we are entilted too??? GGGGRRRRR

hiya, all I can say is, don’t give up, I had, as usual filled in the form as requested, was given the okay, only for a new form (for the new ESA) asking the very same questions, the wife phoned to ask why, as we had filled in form and been passed, different now, now ESA, I waited, had holiday and came back to a letter telling me I was passed, again, I told the truth and even told a woman on the phone who had previously phoned to ask a few questions, if I could have a medical, that I would be glad to have a medical, so don’t give up, it is daunting and stressful but an MSer should have no problem, (we have medically backed proof not just our word taken), all the best in your husband’s second attempt, Brian

Hi I got 18 points after my medical in may 2010 6 each for the first 3 discriptors. I said I could walk about 10 metres which would fall into the cannot walk or self propel more than 50 metres…my report said I could walk 200 metres??? I appealed went to tribunal in June 2011 and won within minutes placed in the support group…but I had been reassessed while waiting from another ESA50 in Feb this year and placed in the work related group, so a year of waiting and worring was a complete waste of time as I am now back where I started. I have put in a late appeal and sent some evidence Letter from MS nurse and and a letter from me pointing out all the discrepancies so I am just hoping I will not have to go through it all again good luck jax

For your appeal I strongly suggest you join website ‘Benefits and Work’. Run by lawyers who are benefit experts, once a member (about £20 for annual membership and worth every penny) you can download step by step guides to applying and appealing on all benefits. Really worth it! Pat x

Isn’t it interesting that no one in the media seems to give a damn about these injustices happening to vulnerable people? Where are all those celebs who love their cancer runs and high profile charity events? The silence is deafening.

you know friday morning i got a letter from the DWP to ask what I was doing since i stopped applying for JSA . I was made redundant in june 2009 , I stupidly thought that i could get another job my previous job was working for an American company which allowed me due to their time zones to spread out my working day. However this was not to be and nothing was forthcoming,. After 8 months and being asked if i was going to apply for a job resulting in manual handling I decided enough was enough even one of the teams working with them said you have worked over 30 years your pension is safe why put yourself though this hassle. I didn’t go down the ESA route as hubby works I now get a pension , started when I was fifty and I have saved through the years so knew I would be wasting my time going down this route. What annoyed me with regards the letter is I am taking nothing from the state The letter was worded in a way that was threatening. I did become upset, but then calmed down sent the answer back in a spare sheet of paper as theirs didn’t have anywhere that stated that I could no longer work. I am now waiting for them to send the letter asking why i didn’t apply for ESA, now I am still a tax payer is this good use of our tax , I work in the CAB when i can and I have found from folks like your hubby that they ask the wrong questions with regards to having MS. I have discussed this with the manager of our branch and he agrees. Try and not get to down, but maybe emphasis the issues as you are having to deal with stupid systems. regardds trish

That really is the pits…good luck with the appeal…do they think we actually like being in this state? And we do it for fun, the money, whatever? luv Pollx