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Hi - I’m looking at getting a powered wheelchair just for making life easier when getting out and about with family as foot drop and fatigue makes walking for more than 10 minutes virtually impossible. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which collapsible ones are the best? i’m currently looking at the Pride igo model but would welcome any advice.

thank you


hi, having gone through many years of immobility and several power chairs, I feel I am able to suggest you have a thorough assessment with Wheelchair Services.

In my experience it is nigh on impossible to know which chair would suit you best yourself.

Dealers may think they know how to assess us, but in reality their assessment isnt good enough.

I have damaged myslef through self assessment and spent a lot of dosh that way!

There is a waiting list for Wheelchair services, but i truly feel that is the best way to go.


Poll is absolutely right,

It’s not just the choice of a chair but servicing. If you buy one it will probably cost you a pretty penny,


My experience.

If you are having falls at home and cannot walk safely around at home to the bathroom, kitchen etc.,. and have weak arms and grip making it difficult for you to use a manual wheelchair at home - you will be able to get a powerchair on prescription from NHS Wheelchair Services FREE.

NHS Wheelchair Services bought a QUICKIE Salsa M2 Mini powerchair [52cm wide] for me - it is super! It is a compact neuro-powerchair designed for folk with MS and MND. So easy to drive and has comfy JAY cushions. It is made- to-measure, so took 8 weeks to arrive after the NHS assessment.

It has 6 wheels and can spin 360 degrees easily. It’s also very smooth to drive and goes 6mph and 32km. The NHS also fitted heavy duty solid tyres, so I can go on the grass.

First they let me try the Invacare Fox - but it was too wide for my narrow corridors at home - [59cm wide].

The QUICKIE Salsa M2 Mini powerchair remains the property of the NHS, and is issued on loan for 5 year and is maintained by them. So no repair costs. If I need changes to the chair during this period the NHS will reassess me and change the chair if needed.

My local council did fit a ramp to the back door for the powerchair, but I had to buy my own ramps for the the car - ‘Smart Ramp’ which I bought used for £60, plus ‘tie downs’ which cost £25.

I can take this Salsa Mini 2 powerchair anywhere as it fits into our hatch back car, I do however need help driving it up the ramps and folding the back of the chair down and securing the tie down point to fix the powerchair in the car without moving around. This powerchair is heavy 113kg.

If you use this powerchair indoors/outdoors you will need to keep a jet wash by the backdoor to clean the tyres before bringing it indoors.

NOTE: You will ONLY get a powerchair on the NHS if you are too weak to use a manual one at home and are having falls. They won’t issue one for just outdoor use. They will just issue you with a manual chair.

I’ve had a good NHS experience for once, and a new manual wheelchair too - an Invacare Action 3, which also folds and goes into the car. It has two sets of wheels - passive and active. All of my mobility needs have been met by the NHS.

Hope this helps.


NHS Wheelchair Services here:

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I am in agreement with previous posts. I have been working as a Wheelchair Technician for some years within the NHS. The Wheelchair service will assess your needs and make sure you get the correct chair and this all free and you will also get a great service from the technicians and clinicians. I would recommend going down this route before going private.