powerchair on train?


has anyone ever used their powerchair on a train? i have a mirage and have been using it on the bus for past 6 months-not without issues but thats another story!

just wondered if anyone could share their experience of using the train. my chair is within guidelines to use on the train but one thing i have learned theres a huge diff between theory and reality!

thhanks, ellie

Hi Ellie

Not me personally, but a friend’s husband used to travel from Gloucestershire back to his homeland of Scotland three times every year. They obviously gave the train company 48 hours notice, buut they never experienced any problem, there was always aa member of staff waiting with a ramp when they had to change trains, and very helpful with any other needs they required.

Hope this helps.

Pam x


I have a rumba quickie and went on east coast trains from leeds to london. The assigned wheelchair space was next to the loo but still needed a little manoeuvring.

V easy getting on and off via the ramps.


thanks both. ru facing direction of travel or need to go backwards like on the bus?

ellie x

Erm, facing the wrong way into London, right way on the return!

I also use it on local services where there is much more room.

I take my buggy in the subway, dont see any reason why you shouldnt be able to, although a, bit of planning for access to carriages may have to be done. Good luck.