Powerchair brigade

Hi guys my name is Kelly I’m 38 have had progressive MS diagnosed 12 years ago. I’m reliant on my power chair and hoists. I’m a positive person and welcome new experiences I am reaching out on here to see if anybody would like to join my ‘powerchair powerpeople’ shall we call it!? and plan some exciting trips whether they are in or out of the midlands we could do anything from cinema museums pubs the great outdoors oh and I also would like to set a Guinness World Record I’m sure we could come up with something. Please feel free to get in touch whatever your circumstance. I hope everybody has a great day x

hi Kelly I am glad to see someone positive and would like a bit of adventure how about a 24 hour mobility scooter race

24 hour mobility scooter race?

have you never heard of fatigue?

just jealous really.

enjoy your race!

24 minute race?

i could enter a 24 second race.

I’d lose a 24 second race.

I’m very confident that I would be able to finish a 24 yard race.

We could even make a record by congregating together may be travelling in a row or something these things have never been done so we don’t have any problem setting a record. As well as doing that I’m trying to make friends with people in a similar position as myself the more restricted I’ve become the more I am wanting to Break Free and try new things I’m coming into my 13th year since diagnosis I have a lot of friends but have began to feel isolated at times because I don’t want to be the person everybody has to make ternative arrangements venues transport etc I’m a very independent woman and although I have care daily throughout the day I still like to get out and about as well as be at home taking care of my children.

You are in Brum??? I am in Telford and could - with a bit of forward planning meet up. I also use a powerchair when out and about. There is an MS Society in Bham, can’t remeber where they meet, think is was on the Hagley Rd.