Post Code Lottery

The post code lottery strikes again.

I was referred on Friday to Wheelchair Services by my MS nurse. Today I received a call to say that she hadn’t realised, but the borough council where I live don’t fund a chair or the vouchers.

If I lived 1/4 mile away in the next borough and where the hospital is based I would qualify.

Luckily I don’t need it full time and I do have an old one of my father-in-law’s that I can use whilst I save up.

Ah well, moan over. :slight_smile:

I’m jumping in here because I don’t really understand.

Wheelchair services are funded by the NHS and have nothing to do with local government.

Some local authorities have wheelchair provision but many do not (mine doesn’t, but my chair came from the NHS) Each area health authority differ slightly in their prescribing criteria but:

“In general, wheelchair services are available to people of all ages who have a long-term need for mobility help. However, the specific criteria for whether you’re eligible are decided locally and will vary depending on where you live. “

quoted from NHS choices.

Are you sure that it was the NHS wheelchair services who turned you down?


According to my MS nurse, yes.