Possible symtoms and very worried

hi iam a male and nearly 46 years old, i have for last 2-3 years on and off had problems with my vision, always seem to get blurred vision,sore eyes(as in tired sore not painful)itchy eyes,eyes sensitive to light,mild headaches and sometimes slight dizzy spells.Had tablets for Labarynitis(sorry about spelling) been tested for diabetes 3 times(once had a glucose fasting test ) and also seen a eyes specialist who told me i had dry eye syndrom(spend 12+ hrs a day some times in front of a laptop/pc) was at dotors twice in last 2 months with same symptoms and got drops for my eyes again and also tested and told i had low hymoglobin.

Last 3-4 days had blurred vision on and off ,eyes sensitive to light,tired feeling eyes,slight pains in arms and back,numb thumb and finger tip,slight headache,tired and not a lot of energy,and slight tingling pain above my pubic hair area,pins and needles in feet and hands,iam terrified its ms,i have a appointment with the doctor on friday(waited over a week for a appointment),but the numerous times i have been with these same symptoms i have little faith in them finding out the real cause as its getting me down now.Would this been ms with the regular episodes i get(i know there isnt a average but how often do people get relapses?)

Any help appreciatted as out of my mind with worry,i have a very complex disabled son who needs 24 hrs care and if iam ill also we wont be able ot cope

Hi Peedied and welcome, did you mean you have low haemoglobin? Symptoms of anaemia can include headaches, tiredness and lethargy (amongst other things). If you are anaemic, has your GP recommended or given you anything for it, because vitamin deficiency can cause a host of strange symptoms, which are fixable. I think if it were me, that would be the first thing I’d be mentioning to my GP. If your GP cannot find any obvious cause then maybe a referral to someone who can is needed. For now though, try to put ms to the back of your mind, there are many things which can mimic ms type symptoms - and they’re not all serious either. Good luck Friday, let us know how you get on. Debbie xx

Hi. I’d also want testing for vit b deficiency if you have anaemia as it can be a cause of anaemia and some ms type symptoms X

YES MEANT LOW HEMOGLOBIN, BUT WENT BACK FOR A BLOOD test and they havent phone me back so i presume it was ok this time.Havecut down a lot on red meat(once every 2-3 weeks) used to be 2-3 times a week i had it, but my son has stomach problems so we tried to cut it out, not sure if iam anemic cause of that?.Been taking iron tablets all week so not sure what doc will say tomorrow