Need some advice

Hello I need some advice really and support as I don’t know who to turn to. Basically about a year ago I started feeling unwell with extreme tiredness , feeling faint etc. The symptoms then escalated and I had some breast / chest rib pain for a period of weeks that come and went. I went to the gp scared and convinced I had breast cancer to be told my breasts seemed fine and it was more than likely a pulled muscle as the pain was also in my shoulder. These symptoms lifted and again other than tiredness nothing was wrong. About a month or so later I started having blurred vision which lasted a while so I went to doctors and was referred to local eye hospital who said they couldn’t see much wrong but to return if I had anymore problems. The eye blurryness since then comes and goes every few weeks or when I’m tired and I find this eases with dry eye drops. I have since July been back and forwards to the gp with numerous different symptoms Pins and needles in hands and feet Numbness down left side Faint feeling Loss of concentration Blurred vision Extreme fatigue Constipation Weight gain Feeling cold My gp seemed at first quite understanding of me feeling unwell and said she thought maybe it was ME/CFS but would need to do blood tests that were required . B12 was one which come back at just 149 so she wanted to start me on a loading dose of injections. Then my vitamin d also come back low just 35 so I Also started 1000 iu a day. My thyroid was also showing underactive and I started 50mg thyroxine. Now I’m still getting symptoms. My b12 went up but over the weeks is coming back down. In the last 3 months I feel I have what I can only explain as like frozen shoulder on my left side and I have the stragest feeling in the last week that is like a burning creeping feeling around my back ribs and shoulder and breast so again I’m worried about breast cancer. ( my blood results for cell count etc have all been ok so my husband says that there can’t be anything that wrong as there would be some disruption to red / white blood count which would require further investigation) My question is on googling my symptoms ( yes I know it’s the worst thing you can do) All my symptoms could be down to mS ? Has anyone else found it like a game of. Two and throw to get a helpful doctor or a diagnosis ? Has anyone else had b12 vit d issues ?


I’m sorry to hear about all of your symptoms.

I’m no expert, but a vitamin B12 deficiency can cause all sorts of neurological issues and can strongly mimic MS. Are you still taking a B12 supplement? Did your symptoms improve after the injections? Is it time for you to have another one?

There are many things that can mimic MS, so I would suggest perhaps returning to your GP to ask for a neuro referal - especially if you have been continuing to take B12 supplements with no improvement

PG xx

Hi Are you an anxious person? Lots of symptoms can be anxiety I believe (through google!) Hope your fears are eased soon X

Some of your symptoms can be put down to B12 low and also your thyroid being underactive. It takes a while for the body to readjust itself. Also the more you feel anxious about what is happening the more you get symptoms.

What are you worried about, do you think you have MS? Sadly when you put the symptoms into Google it will send you back the MS links, it seems to always miss other diseases that have the exact same symptoms, like Lymes, M.E(as far as I know there are no definitive blood tests to diagnose M.E.)Fibromyalgia, Lupus, RA, and many other diseases.

Low B12 could be an indicator that you have something auto immune going on.

Again there are lots of auto immune things we can have, even endometriosis is an auto immune disease.

I would wait now let the thyroid settle and see how you go over the next few months.

Enjoy christmas with your family and worry about it later. AND STOP GOOGLING LOL…x