Feeling scared

Hello I’m new on here but have been reading some of the posts and found them very useful. First let me give you abit of background on me. I’m 32 years old and have four children, since having my last child 3 years ago by health seems to have been going down hill. At first I was going to the doctors because I always felt tired which in turn was making me a little down and anxious , I also felt like I had a pain in my left breast that comes and goes . The doctor put the sleep and feeling depressed down to having a young family and also did numerous checks on my breast after my return visits but found nothing for me to worry about . I left every time feeling even more down thinking I was becomming a nightmare . After repeated visits spurred on by my husband as I was feeling no better after a year the lady doctor I was seeing was starting to listen to me. By this time I was suffering blurred vision too so was referred to a local eye clinic for tests as the doctor said he could see lesions and wanted it checked. The lesions were infact said to be nothing serious by the clinic and again sent on my way. The blurred vision happens sporadically sometimes it happens and lasts a day then it may come back three months later and last a week. I returned again to my doctor ( I was becoming a weekly visitor) I explained all my symptoms said I was depressed just fed up of feeling ill and wanting to sleep all the time. She said she thought I may have CFS and would refer me to a clinic locally but first needed blood tests to rule out some other things. B12 was one of those tests which came back I had a level of 149 which is low and needed to start a week of loading injections so this put the CFS referal back as I needed b12 treatment first. Then my vitamin D also came back low ( not as low as some I’ve seen it was 35) so I was started on d3 tablets. My thyroid antibodies also tested positive and I have been started on levothyroxine 50mg daily. So I am on these now for two months. I have no answer as to why I have these problems but I did have a stomach ulcer due to stress around 7 years ago and have been taking daily lansoprazole which I’m told can stop vitamin absorption. My question is these are my symptoms Tiredness Anxiety Weight gain Blurred vision Aching joints Pain in my left shoulder that burns Pain in last two weeks under my bra strap in my ribs ,back, sternum that tightens and is like a stabbing burning that eases then comes back ( could this be an ms hug) Panic attacks Extreme fatigue when walking Loss of concentration Pins and needles in hands and fingers Palpitations Now all these symptoms are not all the time they can come on last a few days then go or I may feel ok other than blurred vision for a week I still don’t have any answers from the doctors really other than have another blood test and we will change you medication accordingly I have a young family and I’m really scared it could be MS ? What should I do ?

Bumping this up for you. Are you keeping a symptom diary? That was the best advice my GP gave me and others here have expanded on it. Wishing you well :heart:

To be honest all of those symptoms do sound consistent with low b12 and thyroid levels. Have you had levels rechecked to make sure they are improving. If they are now normal and symptoms persist I would see gp again Axx

I agree with Arwen, I have a friend that has thyroid problems and she has all the symptoms you’ve got. I’d say make sure you’re thyroid and everything else is in check. I hope you get some answers.

Tsuki xx