Possible MS - seeing consultant soon

Hello everyoneEyes:

Pain behind right eye, like someone is poking, usually lasts for a couple of days then goes.

Sometimes pain when moving eyes.

Blurry vision, difficult to focus.

Pain around eye socket and teeth (dentist says no reason why teeth should hurt)

Pain at back of head, burning scalp.


Autophony, tinnitus, extreme itching. Clear CT scan.


Constant muscle soreness
Constant joint pain
Numbness in fingers
Weakness of right leg, sometimes completely numb
Lower back pain, limited movement - can’t lift legs to put trousers on.
Pain between shoulder blades
Chest pain - constantly
Muscle twitching
Tailbone pain

Sometimes can’t lift arms to brush hair as it hurts too much and I don’t have the strength.

Jaw pain - too tired to chew

Random pain will strike and last for a while then disappear. Eg, I had pain in my heel for weeks which hurt to walk. One day I woke and was convinced my wrist was broken it was that painful, then went as quickly as it came.


Sometimes mix up words
Often stumble
Sometimes can’t write properly.

Can’t tolerate heat, I’m always hot.
Palpitations and feeling ill after eating sugar

Unremitting fatigue
Poor sleep
Waking at night to urinate (this is a new thing)

Electric shock pains in breast (clear tests)

I’ve been suffering many symptoms over the years and they seem to be getting worse recently. I have paid to see a consultant soon as I’m not getting anywhere with my GP.

Can anyone relate to these symptoms? The ones that bother me most are vision and the numb/weak leg.

I’ve copied and pasted a list of my symptoms that I keep for my doctor.

Hello Cactusflower

You have recorded your symptoms in detail which must be helpful to the consultant and doctor in diagnosing your condition. Although the list does correspond with many symptoms experienced by people with MS, only the consultant will be able to confirm or look further into what your condition is - by using more in-depth tests and scans. I hope this will come soon, as I imagine it is stressful to be doubt about this. Whatever the outcome of that, the door will open to future management and treatment. Good luck to you, and best wishes.