Doctors suggested symptoms may be MS

I have had the following symptoms come and go for a year now:


memory problems - forget conversations, forget words, how to do simple things, spelling

numbness and pain in arms and legs

headaches/ migraines

sharp head pains

Blurred vision in one eye

Pains in joints

the doctors have done a CT scan to rule out a brain tumour and nerve tests to rule out carpal tunnel both were negative. I have seen a new doctor who wants to run more bloods and wants me to see a specialist neurologist as these were signs of MS. I just wondered what people thought and I’m not expecting people to diagnose me but I just would like some views.

Any advice/ support is greatly appreciated

Hi Bella, well yeh, the symptoms could be MS…but…

they could be summat else entirely.

You`re gonna have to sit it out chuck, and let old neuro do his magic|!

And before you ask, no, I aint be on the sauce!


Hiya Bella,

Poll chuck is right, but make sure they test a complaint very similar to MS; causes lesions; mimics MS; can cause very bad migraines; get it checked out for antiphospholipid antibodies (aPL)

Good luck


I know you are probably scared. I know I was. You have alot of symptoms but alot autoimmune diseases have similar symtoms. I have had it since 2003 and lead a pretty normal life. Early diagnosis is the key they have made great strides in medicine to reduce the attacks. Research also shows that MS can be genetic.My mom had it and it got passed down to me. Does anyone in your family have? A cat scan can’t diagnose MS you need an MRI with contrast of the brain thoracic and spine along with a lumbar puncture. Again I know scary this is and stress is a huge trigger for an attack. If I can help you out in anyway or answer any questions you can email me at I sincerely hope you do not have it. Good luck hoping for the best Kathy Rock

Thank you everyone for your advice and support. Knowledge is key and I feel like I have a better understanding of what to discuss during my appointment. I don’t know my mums side of the family so I’m not sure if it runs in the family. What ever is going on with my body is progressing with each wave that comes and I just would like a diagnosis so I can be treated appropriately. The worse for me is the forgetting - I have a two year old and I forget rhymes or sayings that we do a million times a day and he looks at me as if to say ’ why aren’t you saying it mummy’. I’m a teacher too and I’m worried about the numbness and forgetting during work.

Hi Bella

Yes, your doctor is right to refer you to a specialist neurologist. However, there are many other conditions which share symptoms with MS, so part of the neuros job will be to rule out other causes (as Poll said).

Rookie is wrong to suggest that MS is purely a genetic disorder. There are many other influences which may cause you to have MS, or indeed, any other illness.

When you see the neurologist, they will take a history from you, so make sure you have kept notes on what has happened to you and when also if any symptoms have changed, improved, vanished altogether or got worse with time. S/he will also do a neurological examination. Once they have considered your history and physical presentation, they may refer you for tests. These are likely to include an MRI and possibly lumbar puncture (LP), visual evoked potential (VEP) and/or maybe others, including as George suggested, possibly APS. It will all depend on what the neurologist thinks after examining you and looking at the MRI.

Meanwhile, try not to worry too much. I know this is easy to say and difficult to do, but there’s a saying, ‘it is what it is’. Worrying about things will not alter the outcome.


I’ve never had “Pains in joints”. And you don’t mention a burning type pain, like boiling water on you - which is common in MS. This pain occurs as the tracts of the nerves are destroyed. You would know about it. It makes you cry. So it might be something else. Take care, Fay

Hello PJday, Your comment drags my attention, especially in the way that you are describing burning pain. I am not diagnosed with MS (clear tests) but I did nonetheless experienced quite a few neurological symptoms. One of them was what I am calling a burning sensation, but it felt more like a sunburn that stood there throughout the day (even tough it would sometime disappear). So, am I suppose to understand that when people refer to “burning pain” in MS they think about your type of pain (i.e. boiling water), or does it also encompasses other types of burning sensations (e.g. sunburn-like pain)? All the best :slight_smile:

Hi Blue Marble,

My burning pain was like a scald - it lasted 10 days. I had medication for it in hospital - a drug called carbamazepine.

It was like I had bad burns on my legs and arm on my left side which took time to heal. Nerves take ages to heal.

That’s my awful experience of it.


More info here from the MS Trust on Pain

Dear Bella, I am a teacher too and have been diagnosed With MS since May. Similar symptoms to you, but all on the forum are correct when they say that.your condition could be a number of things.

Teaching however has been tiresome. I am struggling to remember words, struggle to give instruction and seem unable to multi-task. Work though have been supportive and have offered Occupational Health advice and counselling. I believe that they also have to make ‘reasonable adjustments’. My GP is aware that I struggle at work and he has given me amended hours. For the moment he has signed me off for three months until I have learnt a bit about my symptoms etc. This forum has been invaluable for advice and I am following a seven step plan. Bought a book called Overcoming MS. I am aware that I am not allowed to promote things, but the book has been useful and seems to give me a bit of control. Warmest thoughts Patience x

Hi Blue Marble, I have experienced both types of burning pain. The burning pain ( which may have been the ms hug) was like a scalding pain as PJday described which I had around my right rib cage for 16 days initially. I also have had the other burning pain which you describe as similar to sunburn also on my right rib cage and I have had it for weeks now.

Best wishes, Marjie x

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I get a burnt no on my left side of ribs but a few months ago I had shingles and I was putting it down to that! Can I just say thank you again for the comments and support.

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Sorry to hear of your current suffering Marjie.

Hope the doctors are giving you some meds to cope.

All the best


my feet burn all the time.

hubbie’s feet are blue with cold all the time.

we’re like jack sprat and his wife!

my burning feet don’t bother me too much but hubby finds his cold feet painful.

so i offer him my hot feet to put his on and it cools mine down.

he hee! we sound so silly.

carole x

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Thank you Fay. I know this may sound silly but my lovely GP records all my symptoms but does not offer medications often. I am going to ask for something for leg spasms the next time I go to see him. He gave me Quinine but it has not helped.

Marjie x

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