Possible MS anyone?

Over the past year i have suffered serious jolting and twitching in my sleep, recently its become really bad and even started doing it during the day while ive been awake. The saturday just gone i was out with my parents where i could not stop jolting i looked like i was having a fit, my right leg went heavy and numb and i struggled to wait… i left it for a couple of hours and rested at home but there is started again. I was admitted into hospital saturday night and ended up staying there for 3 nights. i had an mri scan done on my brain but nothing was found so ive got to go for an mri on my spine then see the neurologist. Its been 5 days since the bad epidsode and still im struggling walking. My right leg is so heavy and my right arm to. If i do something active the jolting starts again, ive also been very tired recently does this sound MS related? My mum has MS I know they say its not inherited but i have my doubts. Anyone experiencing anything simular?


Hi Poppy, Ms can be mimicked by lots of things and I know it’s easy to say try not to over dwell on it, but really if you can get on with things while you wait for results it does help! I don’t really have the symptoms that you describe but hopefully this will bump you up and someone who knows more can help you, Chis

Hi Poppy, really scary for you. MS does not pass down in the genes, but you do have a slightly higher chance of getting it if another member of family has it. I don’t know if they fully understand why this is… and it is only slight, many many people are the only ones in their family to have it.

You are having all the right tests right now and as Chris says, other things can cause similar symptoms to MS. So, unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait and see what neuro’s say. Hard and frustrating I know.

The jolting you refer to could be muscle spasms. Hard to know for sure.

Hang in there. As I say, you’re already having the right tests so hopefully won’t be long before you have some answers.

Take care and hope things improve soon,

Pat x

Hi Poppy

I just wanted to say that I’m the only member in my family who has ms so although some people with ms have relatives who also have it, it’s not by any means cast in stone that it’s inherited.

The only way to know for sure what’s causing your symptoms is by having tests and ruling out other possibilities. Sometimes this can take a while so the best thing for you to do right now is to carry on as best as you can and wait to see what the results throw up. It’s not easy and yes it’s a scary place to find yourself in so remember where we are 'cos we can all relate. to how you’re feeling right now.

Take care of you

Debbie xx

Hi Poppy, Sorry you 're struggling with such unpleasant symptoms but you are having the right tests done and are going to see a neuro. This is what you need. Try to be patient as these things don’t usually happen very quickly. Everyone on here is always here to listen to your fears and worries, so stay in touch and let us know how you get on. We know how you are feeling right now so try to stay calm and collected. Take care, Teresa xx

Hi Poppy

This ‘jolting’ is really difficult for you I’m sure as you seem to have it a lot.

I’m still in Limbo, but I do get this. Sometimes it’s in my leg at night, or in my shoulder. In the day it can be while eating a meal, or, most annoying - when I’m using the computer mouse - it goes right off the screen!

The worse ones for me are when they hit my back, as my whole body moves - a bit embarrassing when out with friends.

Like you, my walking is difficult too. As others have said 'though, you will hopefully get some answers from your Neuro appointment when he/she has the results of your spine scan.

These things are scary, but do keep posting on here - most people will be able to relate to any questions you have & it’s so important that you don’t feel alone in this. We’re here for you.

Let us know how the MRI & Neuro appointment goes. Take care.

Bren x

Thankyou everyone, you’ve all been so kind and caring. I hate the way it is such a long process, it think its worse because ive seen how long it actually takes from my mums diagnosis which took over a year. Bren I know the feeling its extremely embarassing when im out with friends trying to drink a cup of tee having to hold my cup really tight so it doesnt go flying. Its worst when im walking around and i look like im having a fit whilst completely conscious. Will keep you all updated. Thankyou again for taking the time out to message me back.