Possible ms and really freightened

Hello, im completly new to this kind of thing and really hope someone will be able to help me? Im a 26 year old female who 15 years ago had surgery to remove 2 cysts from within my spine which were all tangled round my nerves, the operation was a sucess and i was conpletly pain free for almost10 years, however my surgeon told me there is always a possibility of this returning, since then the pains have came back, ive had more mri’s which confirmed the return of the cyst, im currently on lyrica, methocarbamol and co-codamol to manage tge pains. For as long as i can remember i always had a small area on my left buttock of numbness due to this, however this has got significantly worse over the last year and its now covering about 65-70% of my body. I have had a few small bladder accidents and no longer feel pleasure from sex, am very concerned that due to my previous spinal cord issue rhat i may now be developing ms? Is there anyone out there who can hive me some advice about this? Im getting married very soon and am too afraid to go to my doctor incase i miss my wedding for whatever reason? This may sound silly but i am very independant and couldnt bear the thought of being ‘wheeled’ down the isle! Thank you very much in advance

Hi Anon, I’ve never ever heard of someone developing MS from another problem with their spine… so I don’t think there is any connection there.

However you should see your GP about the symptoms you have. There are literally hundreds of conditions that can cause such symptoms and you should see the GP and find out what’s going on. Many of them are very easily treated… and it may well be your spine problem that’s causing the symptoms.

Just a bit of info for you… most people with MS never need to use a wheelchair… and if we do it’s really a fantastic aid to help us get around and actually helps us keep our independence.

Don’t be afraid to see the doctor… you need to find out what’s going on and no reason why it would mean postponing your wedding.

Best of luck and hope you get to find out what’s going on soon.

Make that GP appointment on Monday!

Pat x

Thanks very much for the information Pat, i think im in denile really and thats why im too afraid to go to the doctor? But thats reassuring to know it may not be anything like ms? Ill make an appt and keep you updated. Thanks again x

Hi Anon,

I’m afraid you really must go to the doctor - it’s the only way you will get peace of mind.

I do not think there’s any evidence that previous (or current) spinal cysts cause MS - an MS lesion is a completely different thing to a cyst, and can’t be fixed by surgery.

As you do have confirmed cysts at the moment, it’s probable that is the complete explanation!

You cannot be forced to have surgery, even if investigations reveal it’s necessary - however, I’m sure your imminent wedding plans, versus the pros and cons of leaving it, would be discussed with you in detail, prior to having to decide anything. If it’s not deemed urgent, there’s a possibility it can be safely left until after the wedding. However, if it’s determined to be urgent, you may be strongly cautioned against leaving it. What does your fiance think? If it was your wedding day, versus your future health and mobility for the rest of your life, which would he pick?

I’m not saying it will come to that choice. Hopefully, you will be told it’s operable, but not an emergency, so can be safely left to a more opportune time. How would you feel if you didn’t go to the doctor’s, leaving it 'til after the wedding, only to be told that nothing can now be done, because you’d left it so long? If you’ve got compression of the spinal cord - from cysts or anything else - it may be necessary to act quickly to relieve it, to avoid permanent damage.

I’m sure, deep down, you know this, and that it’s got to be sorted out.

I honestly think MS is a bit of a red herring, at the moment, and that as you do have a known history of (non MS-related) spinal problems, they are a more likely explanation.

Please go to the doctor. You may be told surgery is not the way forward this time, or if it is, that it’s not urgent. But you can’t just leave it, wedding or not. I’m sure others have had threats to their plans, but still got there in the end! You will too.



Another vote for seeing your GP :slight_smile: I doubt very much that it is MS - it’s much much more likely to be the cyst, but it’s definitely best to find out for sure. I hope your wedding is wonderful :slight_smile: Karen x