Possible cancer and Ms

Hi all, I am extremely worried about a particularly personal event. I have noticed a mole that has changed colour on my u know what and I have developed another 2 in the same place. I am going to the docs on Mon to see if it could be cancer in the vulvar, I am wondering if it is, how will I cope with cancer and Ms? I hope no one has but if anyone has experienced a similar issue I could use some advice. I am also concerned that I won’t be able to have children if I have this too. I maybe jumping the gun but I’m just so worried

Hallo…jumping the gun are the exact words I was about to use hun.

You`ve got a brain like mine…it runs at a thousand miles an hour!

You dont have long to wait…tomorow will soon be here and I`m sure your GP wont fob you off and get the moles sorted.

I`m keeping my fingers crossed for you and will watch for your next post.

luv Pollx

Hello anon This must ne a really worrying time for you. It’s understandable to be anxious and thinking the worst. See what doc says tomorrow. Has it been confirmed that they are moles anon? All the best to you, I hope everything turns out well for you. Good luck Noreen x

hi anon

as others have said, try not not worry until u know what u r dealing with which is easier said than done i know. i had womb biopsy on xmas eve but had no put it to back of mind until i knew what i was dealing with. u r being strong and correct in going to gp to get it checked…

take care, ellie

the mole you are describing could be changing due to many things,hormones being one of them, i had very similar a few years back i had a mole on my back that had been there from birth,and all of a sudden it changed colour and got bigger,i was so convinced it was a melonoma that when the dr said it didnt look suspicious to him, i was having none of it and paid private to see a dermatologist a few days later,i was convinced they would remove it for a biopsy,he said he didnt even need a biopsy and that i was worried for nothing,it took me ages to believe him,as i had been that convinced it was serious.

chances are,yours might turn out to be nothing too,so try to stay calm.

Hi anon, your anxieties are almost palpable in your post, and I can in many ways understand them as im sure many other forum members will. I have medical problems with my mammary glands and have had many biopsies for any possible development of infected tissue cancer the last one being in july last year. it is worrying when you are told that you have to undergo tests that may diagnose another illness you definately dont want, however please try to remain optimistic that until you have seen your doctor and they have examined you that it could be nothing to worry about. If there is one thing I can assure you ms dislikes and almost punishes you for allowing it, is stress, it irritates it and exaserbates your symptoms. You have done the right thing in going to see about these moles so quickly after you have noticed them and I really hope they are nothing sinister. Sadly other illness will effect us be it a cold or something that could turn everything upside down in our lives again but until we have to face that personally I try not to worry too much. I will be thinking of you and hoping all is well. Joy x

Awww I am so touched by everyone’s fast response and optimism I trying not to think the worst but I am a real worrier. I will let you all know what the doc says, once again thank you all so much for your support xx

Hi Bradderez,lots of peeps are with you and are being very supportive.I understand your anxiety,and I get it ,but can say don’t worry. I noticed the same thing on a girl friend a few years back. It turned out to be nothing,and the GP was impressed that she was there the day after I spotted it.

I’ve got a BSC under my left eye…So I’ve finally got the degree I failed in 1984,or is it a Basal Cell Carsynoma?It’s the latter,but I’m filing it under" Things that will be fixed"

The NHS are taking it more seriously than than I am,but I suppose that’s just me.Oh, just to complete the,me me me,I’m having a grommet fitted,well actually a Super Pubic Catheter sorted out in the next month…BOO efin BOO.Oh,a glib thing I’ve thought is that in the highly unlikely event I need chemo it will knock my errant immune system down a treat…Will that do for the upside?

Best wishes and stay in touch on here for advice and support

Steve xx