MS and Breast Cancer!!!


Just looking to see if anyone else has been in this position and for any constructive advice?? I was diagnosed with MS in 2006 when i was 25. I have now just turned 30 and found a breast lump, which has turned out to be cancer! Obviously we are all shocked and horrified at this. As if being dignosed with MS at a young age wasn’t enough, then to get breast cancer and be told ‘you’re an exception to the rule!’ as if its something to be happy about!! My husband and i got married in 2005 (just before the MS started) so its been a pretty horrendous time for him too, and he is trying his best to be supportive, but he is also really not coping. I’m finding that i am the one holding the whole blubbering family together and telling all of them i’m going to be fine! I just wondered if there was anyone else out there who had been in this kind of position and has any advice? Really don’t think i can hold them together for much longer as i’m about to break!

Apologies for rambling but any advice gfreatly received.



Lucy what an unbelievably rubbish situation for you to find yourself in - that just completely sucks and I am really sorry you have such a load of trouble to deal with.

As far as family members are concerned, it sounds like you now have having to face an aggravated version of the kind of difficulties so many of us have with family who want to be supportive, but are often too busy struggling with their own reactions to give us much actual help.

This might sound a stupid suggestion when you are plunged in the thick of it as you are but…have you thought of seeing a counsellor? Somone who is professional and detached, and you can just pour it all out and not worry about how he/she will react or feel. It can be a way to help you take a calm look at your own feelings while you are not having to worry about anyone else’s for once. It might just give you a bit of valuable head-space while you are going through such tough stuff.

Good luck with it all.




It must be horrendus for all of your family and yourself to deal with.

I know it’s not exactly the same position but I have SPMS and at Christmas/New year last my girlfriend was diagnose with breast cancer.

She was DX and operated on and follow up started within a few months.

They have advanced far in Breast cancer treatment and the success rate is high.

I really do feel for you to have to deal with all this so young.

Your husband and family are also going through so much, all these things affect them as well.

I have found that, going through these things the person suffering the illness is useully the strong one and sets an example to the rest.

Keep being strong it seems to keep everybody else strong.

I know that this is not very simpathetic but I am a fella.

All the best.


Lucy, I’ve no advice, just wanted to say I am so sorry that on top of MS you now have to deal with cancer. I wish you a speedy recovery. Also, as Alison says, a counsellor would possibly help. You can offload all of these horrible feelings onto someone else. Good luck, Suz xx

Dear Lucy…first off…do not apologise for rambling…you weren`t rambling at all.

You are doing what the majority of us here do…trying to find some support, help and a kind ear (or should that be pair of eyes?)

I am so very sorry that you find yourself in this horrendous situation.

yes, it sure is bad enough to have MS, but to add breast cancer into the mix, seems just well…so bloody cruel!

I myself, had a brush with cancer a long time ago…a pre-cancer of the cervix…which, if it werent for cancer research, I wouldnt be here now talking to you.

i have read other posts on here from MSers who have/had breast cancer.

Hopefully they will read your post and offer you their support too.

Thinking of you and sending hugs. have the family got counselling available? I go to our local hospice for respite and they offer counselling to family members of those with cancer.

take extra special care of yourself,love.

luv Polly x

so sorry u have had the double whammy of this diagnosis - me too and it is a big heap for anyone to deal with. I was diagnosed with rrms back in 2000, then breast cancer in 2003. For me the cancer diagnosis was the hardest to deal with, however as someone posted earlier they have got a whole lot better at treating it - it’ll be a terrible thing to cope with in the short term - however it will go away. Chemo made my ms feel a whole lot better, short term aswell.

Long term the cancer scare is behind me now, the hair has grown back and I have now gone to spms - really bad news - I have had the ccsvi treatment twice now and it has helped - look it up online and try to find a way to have it done before you go spms.

You have a tough road to follow and I really hope that your family will be supportive as that would be a great help. I wish you all the best, I found it easier to forget about the ms back then and work on the cancer bit - take care, love Suzanne

hi lucy

so sorry to hear your bad news i feal your pain. i have rrms and have recently found a lump and have an appointent with a specialist on thursday.

best wishes wendy