Newbie to Group

Hi All,

I’ve just had a recent diagnosis of MS and before i had seen Neurologist and seen my MRI’s just thought some of things going on where just “one of them things” now i start to think do i question everything little thing that happens. Starting to feel quite low about the whole thing as although i have family also feel on my own as dont want to burden them with my problems when my father has lung cancer and need to be strong for him.

Any advice welcome xx

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Hello Chrissie

Sorry to hear that you’ve got an MS diagnosis. At the moment it would be normal to wonder if everything might be MS related. You’ll probably get back to the ‘it’s just one of them things’ attitude in time.

I was about to say that it’s a good move to come on here, but it seems to be a bit quiet at the moment! I can understand you feeling you don’t want to burden your family, given the poor health of your father. Have you a good friend you can talk things over with?