Possibility of MS with normal brain MRI?

Over the last few years I have had a few episodes of pins and needles in my legs. I have it again, and this time have bladder incontinence too. The GP has referred me to neurology. He mentioned MS but said there are lots of other possible causes too.

I also have migraines once every few months. I had a brain MRI in May when I had a migraine with stroke-like symptoms, and radiology reported ‘nil acute’.

They were looking for stroke not MS lesions, but I guess they would have still noticed legions? How reassured should I be by this MRI? What are the chances of having a normal brain MRI but having MS?

Hello ka_83

There is a possibility that you could have spinal lesions but not brain, so there’s a possibility of MS even with a clear brain scan. But certainly MS type, demyelinating lesions would have be seen on your brain MRI.

But essentially, referral to a neurologist is going to be the only way forward. S/he will then do a neurological exam and decide what further tests are necessary.


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