Ms? So confused

What were your first symptoms? I’ve got an mri of my head, cervical and lower back in a few weeks as I’ve been having numbness and tingling in my right leg which went but now 4 weeks later have pins and needles in both my feet! So annoying to not know what’s wrong and if this is ms symptoms. I’ve got nothing wrong with my lower back as had an mri of lumbar and sacral a few days ago which came back fine. So what were your first symptoms?

My first symptoms were just like yours. Entirely sensory. Had a full brain and spinal MRI and based on that being normal, MS was discounted immediately. Despite the many story 's you will read of normal MRI’s I was told by neurologist it is statistically speaking across the board very rare for someone to present with suspected MS symptoms but not have lesions showing. He told me it’s far more likely to be the other way round, as in lesions but no symptoms. Whether he’s correct or not I’m sure could be debated until the cows come home. There will always be anomalies though.

Thank you for your reply! Did they not want to do a lumber puncture? Maybe you have a trapped nerve from a muscle?

Neurologist said no to lumbar puncture. Didn’t feel comfortable referring me for a risky procedure that she believes won’t shed any light as I assume based on the MRI, she doesn’t believe my symptoms are clinically consistent with MS.