MRI normal but symptoms of MS

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MS Symptoms but normal mri?

HI I will cut a long story short, as I am interested to see if anyone else has had a similar experience. I have been suffering with numerous back problems for about 5 years, in January 2015 my physio told me to go to a&e because of bladder problems. I was kept in and an mri was done first thing the next morning with a view to operate. when the neurosurgeon came to see me, he said although I did have numerous spinal problems they weren’t to blame for my new problems, i.e increased muscle tone, hypersensitive reflexes and spasms along with the bladder problem. He asked to see me as an outpatient, at which time he explained, that he suspected brain disease to be at blame, and referred me to a neurologist. After reading my notes examination etc I asked him what he thought was wrong with me, and told him i suspected MS. He confirmed my suspicion, and went on to explain that he thought I have primary MS, and why. He the ordered an mri, which I had on 25 Sept. I haven’t seen the neurologist since then, but my GP said the report said my mri was normal. I am confused now as everything pointed to MS and of course the worry because of not knowing has started again. I hope I have given enough information without boring you all.

p.s this is my first post and am so glad you are all here for each other. I hope some out there can give me and maybe others in my situation some insight.

Kind regards