Podcast on good MS treatment

This is really interesting podcast - already posted by Blossom (and by me on the Everyday Living forum) but I wanted to recommend it to people who are newly diagnosed or awaiting diagnosis. It suggests that people should see an expert neurologist and be put on disease modifying drugs soon after diagnosis. If you fast forward to the 24th minute (or listen all the way through) you will hear one of the NHS participants suggests that only people living near an ‘MS centre of excellence’ currently get to see a really good neurologist and thus get treatment that will make a difference to the course of their disease, at an early stage of their disease, when it is most likely to do this.

The truth is, if you are awaiting diagnosis or newly diagnosed you can see a really good neurologist in a hospital outside of your area NOW. But you will need to do things to make this happen - find a good neurologist, ask your GP to refer you to them - it won’t just happen.