The case for early diagnosis:

This is brilliant. It clearly spells out the need for early diagnosis and treatment to avoid disability.

Professor Giovannoni is a world leader in MS. His MS-Selfies are well worth reading.



Here! Here! They’re informative but not too technical. Well worth taking the time to read.

Thanks Sue. Ive subscribed.

Darned right!

Thanks for that, Sue. I’ve subscribed and posted about my journey to the right DMT for my RRMS. It took nearly four years from first relapse to getting treatment. I might be more mobile if DMTs had been available sooner.

Nice to see you Dragon.

The MS-Selfies are so brilliant & this one is great. So many newly diagnosed are still left for years without DMDs. To my mind that’s unforgivable given how many are available. It was different for me.

Sue x

It seems in some areas those with Clinically Isolated Syndrome are not even seen by a neurologist - just a letter to their GP to say that they may only have one event, so take the wait and see approach. No monitoring, nothing.