pls help me choose a DMD - have depression

Hi, I posted here last week and now cant find my orginal post, so sorry, I am back with more questions just on a new post.

The replies to my OP said to avoid Refib if I have any history of depression which I do and am taking ant depressants and have been for a long time (years)

I had been told this might be an issue before and so have done some research and have found that apparently Betaferon also should be avoided too if you have depression and as the neuro said I was only suitable for Avonex, Refib or Betaferon, that gives me no choices. Thing is, I do not like te sound of the injection into muscle with Avonex.

Does Avonex have any issues surounding depression too? I mean if the all do, then I cant use that as a tool for choosing my DMD if that makes sense.

Really confused!!

ps am feeling rough so sorry if tis doesnt make sense

Hi Choosing a dmd has to be a personal choice because no one can tell you how it will effect you until you try it. My first dmd was Rebif but for me the side effects were to great and after six months I had to swop but for others rebif works really well. The dmd’s you have mentioned are all interferons (hope I got that right) but when I swopped I went on to copaxone which is a slightly different med (sorry forgotten how to describe the difference)Maybe you could look at this as another option? There is the ms decision website which gives lots of information about the different meds to help you make an informed decision. At the end of the day if you don’t feel well on it, after giving it a good try, then you could ask about swopping to a different med. Good luck.