pls help me choose a DMD - have depression

Hi, I posted here last week and now cant find my orginal post, so sorry, I am back with more questions just on a new post.

The replies to my OP said to avoid Refib if I have any history of depression which I do and am taking ant depressants and have been for a long time (years)

I had been told this might be an issue before and so have done some research and have found that apparently Betaferon also should be avoided too if you have depression and as the neuro said I was only suitable for Avonex, Refib or Betaferon, that gives me no choices. Thing is, I do not like te sound of the injection into muscle with Avonex.

Does Avonex have any issues surounding depression too? I mean if the all do, then I cant use that as a tool for choosing my DMD if that makes sense.

Really confused!!

ps am feeling rough so sorry if tis doesnt make sense

Hi Morereasons,

It’s OK, it makes perfect sense.

Avonex is also an interferon - as I understand it, it’s essentially the same as Rebif, just administered differently. Injecting into the muscle makes it slower release, which is why it’s only needed once a week. I’m surprised you’ve been put forward for any of the interferons, if you have a history of depression. I don’t know why Copaxone has already been ruled out - were you given any indication why it’s not suitable?

I presume your neuro does know about your depression, and is still happy about prescribing interferons? Perhaps he feels the risk is not a great one? After all, you CAN stop if there’s any sign of the depression getting worse.



Hi, I too suffer from depression & anxiety and am on medication. I was told by neuro and psychiatrist that the only DMD option for me was Copaxone.


This depression link to some DMDs is quite new to me, but I have been on Rebif for several years and I have a history of some depression, but I haven’t noticed anything at all. It seems worth starting the medications, as you can always stop if you have any problem. Best of luck,


The only good reasons for ruling Copaxone out are:
That to access certain 2nd line DMDs, you have to have been on an interferon first.
The “walking” bit of the qualification is (I think) a bit further.

Check out the msdecisions website at:

Generally, the minimal side effects are a good reason for it’s choice.

Ask why it has not been offered.


Thanks, yes I wil ask why Copaxone has been ruled out, I’ll phone the ms nurses on monday.

The Neuro has my file actually I told him when I wet for my DMD appt that I was on sertraline (for depression), so yes he knows.

Thanks for your replies, they have been really helpful

I suffer from severe anxiety and depression and take medication daily. I was told by my neuro that the only option for me was Copaxone. Hope this helps x


I have a history of depression and do suffer to this day with it. Im on avonex (pen) and was NOT warned about the depression as a side effect.

Mind you the ms care round this part of Surrey is awful so no surprise i was not told about all this.