Plegridy or Copaxone

Hi all. Newly diagnosed with RRMS and trying to choose a DMT suitable for pregnancy (we want another child soon) before going onto Ocrevus. My top two choices seem to be Plegridy or Copaxone, but reading other people’s experience of both have worried me. I’ve got a 16 month old so feeling poorly every fortnight with Plegridy will really impact my life (getting time to rest is nearly impossible and we already get poorly with nursery bugs a lot) and sore injection sites / lipoatrophy with Copaxone also sounds really difficult. Can anyone share their experiences with pregnancy/breastfeeding friendly DMTs? Really hard to know which to try at this point. The diagnosis is hard enough to process without side effects that’ll effect my quality of life and time with my little boy :frowning:

Hi Laura

I was diagnosed in August 2023 and I started on Copaxone in October 2023 as we may potentially want to start a family at some point soon, and so I didn’t want to have to start something else just to come off it for 6 months or so before trying.

From my own personal experience with Copaxone, I have found it fine. I do get a slight reaction at the injection sites on my thighs only e.g. slight raised red bump (and the bump goes down after a few days), can get a bit itchy, but nothing major. I also change up my injection sites each time, so I also do my stomach and the back of my hips. You can also put an ice pack on the injection area straight after injecting to help with any reactions.

But all in all I have had an ok experience with Copaxone.

Hope that helps

Thanks Sarah, that’s really helpful. I’ve decided to try Copaxone too. I ended up choosing it over Plegridy because it seems to be well researched in pregnancy and breastfeeding, hopefully I’ll have a similarly easy journey with it. All the best to you :slight_smile: